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Kilimanjaro glaciers just won’t die – ‘nowhere near extinction’

From the we told you so, time and time again department comes this story about Gore’s buddy, Dr. Lonnie Thompson and his Kilimanjaro glacier that just won’t die like they want it to, even though they don’t believe their own … Continue reading

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Will Lonnie Thompson archive THIS new ice core data?

UPDATE  – 4/7/13 At the time I wrote this post, April 4th 11:45AM, at ftp://ftp.ncdc.noaa.gov/pub/data/paleo/icecore/trop/quelccaya/ there was a placeholder file quelccaya2013.txt reading then: “# Data will be added to this file upon publication of Thompson et al. 2013 Science” It … Continue reading

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Mannhandled: from data to demonization

Over on Climate Audit, there’s an interesting thread going on about Lonnie Thompson and his wife Ellen, who Steve McIntyre describes as “serial non-archivers” due to their overt refusal to put their ice-core data online is spite of grant rules … Continue reading

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Told ya so: Al Gore + Kilimanjaro = alarmist hype

I’ve said many times that the claims of receding glaciers on Mt. Kilimanjaro by Al Gore in his movie “An Inconvenient Truth, and by extension, the claims of Dr. Lonnie Thompson  are nothing more than alarmist hype. The cause, deforestation … Continue reading

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AGU Fellowships are easy… “With a Little Help from My Friends”

…with apologies to the Beatles and Sgt. Pepper. Most people don’t see how small and cliqueish climate science is, perhaps this perfect illustration courtesy of Climategate 2.0 will enlighten a few people. Thanks to Tom Nelson for ferreting this one … Continue reading

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Friday Funny – New NOAA supercomputer “Gaea” revealed

From the Atomic City Underground Blog of knoxvillenews.com comes word that a big kahuna of komputing is about to go online. The Cray XK6 supercomputer is a trifecta of scalar, network and many-core innovation. It combines Cray’s proven Gemini interconnect, … Continue reading

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Al Gore’s global warming claims on Kilimanjaro glacier – finally dead and buried in the Climategate 2.0 emails – even Phil Jones and Lonnie Thompson don’t believe it

Al Gore said in his AIT bag of BS that Mount Kilimanjaro was losing its snow/ice cover due to global warming. Here’s the Transcript of “An Inconvenient Truth”: Effects of Global Warming And now we’re beginning to see the impact … Continue reading

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Climate variability in East Africa & El Niño Southern Oscillation

From the Helmholtz Association of German Research Centres  another reason why Mount Kialmanjaro isn’t controlled by CO2 as Al Gore and Lonnie Thompson think. La Ninas distant effects in East Africa Droughts and floods are remote-controlled climate effects 5 August … Continue reading

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Kilimanjaro regaining its snow cap

Paging Dr. Lonnie Thompson and Al Gore. From ETN: “Global warming” has nothing to do with this, it’s all about rainfall, deforestation, and evapotranspiration. I’m not ashamed to say: “We told you so”, several times:

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More proof that Kilimanjaro’s problems are man-made; but not what some think it is

More proof positive that land use change has more to do with Kilimanjaro’s diminishing snowfall (due to reduced evapotranspiraton of surrounding land) than climate change. But, will we ever see Al Gore or Dr. Lonnie Thompson say anything other than … Continue reading

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OSU’s Dr. Lonnie Thompson pushes gloom and doom, still thinks the snows of Kilimanjaro are melting due to global warming

This is an OSU press release, timed to appear in Eurekalert for Cancun’s COP16 on December 8th, and reposted here verbatim, including the all caps headline. Even though the “melting on Kilimanjaro due to global warming” has been fully debunked … Continue reading

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