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Obama on Keystone XL pipeline, ‘the fix is in’

Obama says it should not be approved unless made ‘carbon neutral’. OSFC Rapid Response on Obama’s Keystone XL Announcement Not To Approve Keystone XL Unless Determined First It Will Not Lead to net Increase of GHG Emissions Ahead of President … Continue reading

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Note to weepy Bill McKibben – blocking Keystone XL gets you about 0.00001°C/yr.

Keystone XL Pipeline: Examination of Scientific and Environmental Issues By Paul C. “Chip” Knappenberger May 7, 2013 Before the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Science, Space, and Technology Subcommittee on Energy and Subcommittee on the Environment I am Paul … Continue reading

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Canada’s Resources Minister Calls Out Jim Hansen

Retired NASA GISS chief James Hansen is Slagging Canada’s Oil Sands Again Canada’s Environment *Resources Minister Joe Oliver is calling out Jim Hansen for exaggerating claims that the oil sands and Keystone XL pipeline is “game over for the environment.” … Continue reading

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Keystone pipeline passes environmental review – ‘little impact on climate’ – ecos outraged

From Tom Nelson: Keystone pipeline passes environmental review: It’s the [CO2-induced] end of the world as the Sierra Club knows it, and I feel fine Keystone XL pipeline would have little impact on climate change, State Department analysis says – … Continue reading

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Quote of the Week – NYT on James Hansen & Bill McKibben’s ‘boneheaded’ efforts

Whoo-boy. NASA’s James Hansen disses McKibben in an email to an NYT reporter. Hansen was speaking candidly, never thinking this email would see the light of day. But that’s not the punchline… Hansen on the highly inflated 350.org Keystone XL … Continue reading

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Weepy Bill gets Wapo’d

Heh, even the liberal mouthpieces think the 350.org campaign led by Bill McKibben against the Keystone XL pipeline is stupid, calling it “bizarre”. They write in a forceful editorial today:

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