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A few first impressions of the 2013 AGU Fall Meeting

A photo essay. What follows are a series of photos and comments that catalog my impressions of today. As you may know, I’m attending the 2013 AGU Fall Meeting. After some hassle a couple of months ago, I was able … Continue reading

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Stalking the Rogue Hotspot

[I'm making this excellent essay a top sticky post for a day or two, I urge sharing it far and wide. New stories will appear below this one.  - Anthony] Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach Dr. Kevin Trenberth is a … Continue reading

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Kevin Trenberth struggles mightily to explain the lack of global warming

Tom Nelson captures this delicious irony, apparently it isn’t a travesty any more, it’s the sun.

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Trenberth Still Searching for Missing Heat

Kevin Trenberth is one of the authors of new Balmaseda et al (2013) paper Distinctive climate signals in reanalysis of global ocean heat content. I find the title of the paper somewhat odd. The paper is based on the European … Continue reading

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Trenberth dials up the warming predictions

From NCAR: Future warming likely to be on high side of climate projections, analysis finds November 08, 2012 BOULDER—Climate model projections showing a greater rise in global temperature are likely to prove more accurate than those showing a lesser rise, … Continue reading

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Trenberth: Climategate caused a loss of funding

From a story in The Melbourne Age: Professor Trenberth is a bruised survivor of the so-called ”climategate” scandal, which involved the theft and publication of thousands of emails that had been sent between some of the world’s most influential climate … Continue reading

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Quote of the Week – it’s a travesty of the blandities

Dr. Kevin Trenberth has another travesty on his hands.  UPDATE: Commenter Lee Harvey has the best point I’ve seen so far.

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Now, alarmists are making the public believe in the extreme weather boogeyman

A new survey has been released by Yale in cooperation with George Mason University. In it, 74% surveyed say “global warming is affecting weather in the United States”. Personally, I blame Seth Borenstein, Kevin Trenberth, Bill McKibben, Joe Romm and … Continue reading

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Trenberth still hyping extreme weather events and climate change

Despite the recent editorial in Nature saying that there’s no current connection between the two, NCAR’s Dr. Kenneth Trenberth is going to pitch connections between extreme weather and climate change anyway at an upcoming seminar at the University of New … Continue reading

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The Kevin Trenberth / Seth Borenstein aided fact free folly on the USA heat wave

I cringe every time I see stories like the one being pushed in the Associated Press today by AP science writer Seth Borenstein. My Way News – This US summer is ‘what global warming looks like’ http://apnews.myway.com/article/20120703/D9VP9J681.html Even Drudge picked … Continue reading

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‘What global warming really looks like’ – Michael Oppenheimer FAIL

Well, I warned everybody yesterday. That briefing was put together by Climate Nexus, an advocacy and communications group. An accompanying report on heat waves and climate change was released simultaneously at climatecommunication.org The usual suspects put that document together. See … Continue reading

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What do you get when you rub two climatologists together?

The Current Wisdom: Climate Change Controversy in the Wall Street Journal Guest post by Patrick J. Michaels (reposted from cato.org) This edition departs from our usual routine because of the very vitriolic fight that has broken as the result of … Continue reading

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Sixteen prominent scientists publish a letter in WSJ saying there’s “No Need to Panic About Global Warming”

This is quite something. Sixteen scientists, including such names as Richard Lindzen, William Kininmonth, Wil Happer, and Nir Shaviv, plus engineer Burt Rutan, and Apollo 17 astronaut Dr. Harrison Schmidt, among others, write what amounts to a heretical treatise to … Continue reading

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Gore, Hansen, Trenberth to make Antarctic PR expedition

From the you’ve got to be effin kidding me department comes news of the epic journey to Antarctica. What do they hope to prove? I don’t know, it seems like nothing but a publicity stunt, especially since the sea ice … Continue reading

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The team trying to get “direct action” on Soon and Baliunas at Harvard

Direct Action at Harvard By Steve McIntyre Attention has been drawn today to Mann’s request to other Team members for suggestions as to how to take direct action at Harvard against Soon and Baliunas. Not noticed thus far is that Kevin … Continue reading

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Kenneth Trenberth on Nobel and religion at Christmas

0462.txt (h/t to Rog Tallbloke) date: Fri, 14 Dec 2007 08:58:09 -0700 from: Kevin Trenberth subject: The first Nobel and other Christmas greetings to: IPCC-group Seasons greetings to you all, my fellow Nobel Laureates (even if we did not get … Continue reading

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Santer’s “17 years needed for a sign of climate change” compared against the IPCC models

I recently covered a press release from Dr. Ben Santer where it was claimed that: In order to separate human-caused global warming from the “noise” of purely natural climate fluctuations, temperature records must be at least 17 years long, according … Continue reading

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Trenberth: null and void

Via Eurekalert and Wiley-Blackwell The human cause of climate change: Where does the burden of proof lie? Dr. Kevin Trenberth advocates reversing the ‘null hypothesis’ The debate may largely be drawn along political lines, but the human role in climate … Continue reading

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Pielke Sr. on that hide and seek ocean heat

Torpedoing Of The Use Of The Global Average Surface Temperature Trend As The Diagnostic For Global Warming By Dr. Roger Pielke Senior There is a new paper by Gerald Meehl of NCAR and other collaborators  that has been announced in the media; i.e. … Continue reading

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Trenberth’s missing heat? Look to the deep

From the National Center for Atmospheric Research/University Corporation for Atmospheric Research  an explanation for Global Ocean Heat Content Is Still Flat. Key point from the press release: Observations from a global network of buoys showed some warming in the upper ocean, … Continue reading

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Trenberth gets a rebuttal to Spencer and Braswell published: turnaround 1 day

Turbo Peer Review is the new normal it seems. Steve McIntyre at Climate Audit writes: Bishop Hill draws attention to the publication of Trenberth’s comment on Spencer and Braswell 2011 in Remote Sensing. Unlike Trenberth’s presentation to the American Meteorological … Continue reading

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Pielke Sr. on Skeptical Science’s attacks on Spencer and Christy

Scientific Robustness Of The University Of Alabama At Huntsville MSU Data By Dr. Roger Pielke Sr. As a result of the persistent, but incorrect (often derogatory) blog posts and media reports on the robustness of the University of Alabama MSU temperature data, … Continue reading

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Quote of the Week – Wuebbles Weather World

Serially warm reporter Dan Vergano of USA today wrote an article on the “Current Extreme Weather and Climate Change” report, released this week that says it’s all our fault. With a peer review team like this one, what other conclusion … Continue reading

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Journal Deliverance: The True Story of the Climate Hillbillies

Guest post by Les Johnson (With apologies for lifting the Daily Bayonet tag line multiple times below). “Interconnected” is the theme of this post. It starts of course, with the resignation of Wolfgang Wagner, from the journal called Remote Sensing, … Continue reading

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The science is scuttled: Abraham, Gleick, and Trenberth resort to libeling Spencer and Christy

NOTE: This will be a “sticky”  top post for awhile, new posts appear below this one. UPDATE: Josh weighs in with a new cartoon. I was hoping to have a quiet holiday weekend away from WUWT doing some household chores. … Continue reading

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Fallout from Our Paper: The Empire Strikes Back

by Roy W. Spencer, Ph. D. LiveScience.com posted an article yesterday where the usual IPCC suspects (Gavin Schmidt, Kevin Trenberth, and Andy Dessler) dissed our recent paper in in the journal Remote Sensing. Given their comments, I doubt any of … Continue reading

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The folly of linking tornado outbreaks to “climate change”

In times of tragedy, there always seems to be hucksters about trying to use that tragedy to sell a position, a product, or a belief. In ancient times, tragedy was the impetus used to appease the gods and to embrace … Continue reading

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Quote of the Week – it’s a doozy

Finally, a scientist gets it, speaks out about it, and a reporter in a major media outlet publishes the words that say in even stronger terms what I said last Thursday about Dr. Richard Muller’s testimony before Congress. From the … Continue reading

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Weekly Energy and Climate News Roundup

THIS WEEK: By Ken Haapala, Executive Vice President, Science and Environmental Policy Project (SEPP) On Tuesday, the National Commission on the BP Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill and Offshore Drilling issued a 300 plus page report that was long on recommendations … Continue reading

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Trenberth reacts: edits speech to fix copying, leaves “deniers”

Well that’s what I get for taking a nap today. I had been checking Dr. Trenberth’s manuscript regularly at the AMS website, and of course while napping he (or somebody) changed it. Of course Steve McIntyre caught it and points … Continue reading

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Unequivocal Equivocation – an open letter to Dr. Trenberth

This essay from Willis appeared on WUWT overnight Saturday while I slept. After reading it this morning, I decided to make it a sticky at the top of WUWT (I also added the open letter reference) because it says everything … Continue reading

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Saturday Silliness – Josh on Keven Trenberth’s AMS speech

Inspired by Willis, and adapted from DJ Meredith’s comment on WUWT, a cartoon on Kevin Trenberth, who seems determined to  explode any credibility Climate Science has left.

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Trenberth’s upcoming AMS meeting talk: ClimateGate Thoughts

Dr. Kevin Trenberth of the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) a U.S. publicly funded research center, uses the term “denier” six times in this upcoming talk, which he has submitted as a preprint to the American Meteorological Society (AMS) … Continue reading

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New paper on ARGO data: Trenberth’s ocean heat still missing

Four out of five ARGO data studies now show Ocean Heat Content declining Readers may recall that Dr. Kevin Trenberth said this in one of the Climategate emails: “The fact is that we can’t account for the lack of warming … Continue reading

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