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Notes on the faked Heartland document

UPDATE: there’s even more evidence that the document was faked. The Koch Foundation and The Atlantic weighs in in update 3 below. As a follow up to the post Notes on the Heartland Leak, I’ve prepared some notes on the … Continue reading

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The wit and wisdom of ‘Real’ Climate scientist Dr. Ray Pierrehumbert

Over at Judith Curry’s place she draws attention to a comment left at Keith Kloor’s Collide-a-Scape by RealClimate founder Dr. Ray Pierrehumbert of the University of Chicago. At left is his photo direct from his department website. Along with the … Continue reading

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Nisbett’s war

This row isn’t something I’ve covered yet on WUWT, and I’ve generally stayed out of the fight going on between Nisbett and Mann’s best friend, but I thought Nisbett’s rebuttal article linked below deserved the wider audience WUWT can provide. … Continue reading

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