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New paper: climate models short on ‘physics required for realistic simulation of the Earth system’

I’m pleased to have had a chance to to review this new paper just published in the Journal of Climate: An Evaluation of Decadal Probability Forecasts from State-of-the-Art Climate Models Suckling, Emma B., Leonard A. Smith, 2013: An Evaluation of … Continue reading

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Hindcasting climate shifts in the Pacific

From the Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel (GEOMAR) The potential for successful climate predictions Hindcast experiments capture long-term climate fluctuations Will there be rather warm or cold winters in Germany in the coming years? We may have a long … Continue reading

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Paper suggests a decrease of tropical cyclones ahead

More inconvenient results for Al Gore and the mouthpiece of “Forecast the Facts” Brad Johnson who like to claim that tropical storms will increase due to global warming. A paper published last week in the Journal of Climate projects a … Continue reading

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Another amplification mechanism discovered by which the Sun affects Earth’s climate

From The Hockey Schtick A paper published Tuesday in the Journal of Climate finds tiny variations in solar activity over 11-year solar cycles have greatly amplified effects upon climate via changes in the Arctic Oscillation, North Pacific sea surface temperatures … Continue reading

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A compilation of lower climate sensitivities, plus a new one

Still Another Low Climate Sensitivity Estimate Guest post By Patrick J. Michaels and Paul C. “Chip” Knappenberger Global Science Report is a weekly feature from the Center for the Study of Science, where we highlight one or two important new … Continue reading

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Some sense about sensitivity

Excerpts from The Register, coverage of the Nic Lewis paper. This graph below from Bishop Hill shows that it isn’t just one paper, but several now that show lower climate sensitivity to a doubling of CO2. =============================================================== More and more … Continue reading

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Inconvenient conclusions in a new climate and land use paper

Dr. Roger Pielke Sr. sends word of this new paper now in early release at the Journal of Climate. The paper suggests humans have strong impacts on the local climate, but not always through the pathways commonly touted as being … Continue reading

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Gergis et al hockey stick paper withdrawn – finally

Between this withdrawal and the Esper et al paper showing the MWP and RWP warmer than today, Mike Mann must be having a really, really, bad day. Even SuperMandia in tights can’t help. Thanks to Richard Tol (and Marc Morano) … Continue reading

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The Very Model Of A Modern Major Problem

Reposted from The GWPF by Dr. David Whitehouse There has been some discussion about a paper in Nature Climate Change by Gleckler et al that says they detect “a positive identification (at the 1% level) of an anthropogenic fingerprint in … Continue reading

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Revkin on the Gergis et al ‘on hold’ affair

I promised Andrew Revkin yesterday that I’d give his post on Gergis et all some attention, because he’s done a good job of summarizing it all, plus getting some other angles, such as that of Retractionwatch. I was especially pleased … Continue reading

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Polar bears and sulfates

From the University of Washington  some apparent confusion about what sulfates look like. Injecting sulfate particles into stratosphere won’t fully offset climate change IMAGE:A polar bear walks along an expanse of open water at the edge of Hudson Bay near … Continue reading

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Peer review is dead, long live blog review

By Marc Hendrickx writing in ABC’s The Drum In January 2009, Nature splashed its front cover with the results of a new study titled ‘Warming of the Antarctic ice-sheet surface since the 1957 International Geophysical Year’. The article was accompanied … Continue reading

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O’Donnell Responds to Steig

From Climate Audit, more on the ongoing Antarctic kerfluffle. By Ryan O’Donnell Subsequent to my post on Feb 7, 2010 here, Eric Steig informed me by email that he had not seen our Response to his Third Review, as I … Continue reading

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“Reviewer A” responds

The row over the issue of Antarctica warming continues. After a number of articles appeared at the Air Vent, Lucia’s, and Climate Audit, Dr. Steig responds at RealClimate with some accusations of his own. I offered Dr. Steig a guest … Continue reading

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