L’Alternative Paris

Josh writes: With COP21 coming up there is an alternative conference being organised. The Paris Climate Challenge In 2009 we laid down the Copenhagen Climate Challenge, when we asked UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon to answer 10 questions about climate. We’re back to ask the same and more questions, and challenge the climate ‘consensus’ in Paris at COP 21 with alternative climate…


Wednesday Wit – Cheers, Gavin!

Josh writes: Here’s an odd thing. Replying to Tweeter ‘Hot Topic’, who was highlighting this article in the Guardian, Gavin Schmidt said that there are “More than 10x number of English vineyards now than in medieval times.” with a link to a 2006 Real Climate article. Gavin implies that this comparison trumps the argument about English vineyards being proof…


Thursday thought – US and Them

Josh writes: Business Standard reports that the US is stalling on the $100 Billion Climate Finance: The US also asked that the economic reality at present should be taken into consideration, while asking countries to contribute to the climate funds. H/t The GWPF  Cartoons by Josh