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Stalking the Rogue Hotspot

[I'm making this excellent essay a top sticky post for a day or two, I urge sharing it far and wide. New stories will appear below this one.  - Anthony] Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach Dr. Kevin Trenberth is a … Continue reading

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The rise of the peccatogenesists

An interesting new word came up this week on Twitter thanks to Hillary Rosner. It would seem to be a derivative of the word pecadillo: I think this is the perfect word to describe many of the disingenuous activists like … Continue reading

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The battle of the pointless Nuremberg insults: Romm -vs- Delingpole

UPDATE: 4/11/13 Mr. Delingpole has made two responses: In the Spectator: http://www.spectator.co.uk/columnists/james-delingpole/8885551/no-i-wont-say-sorry-even-to-a-friend/ In the Telegraph: http://blogs.telegraph.co.uk/news/jamesdelingpole/100211704/apologise-to-michael-mann-anthony-id-rather-eat-worms/ I’ll post my response this weekend. – Anthony ============================================================= We don’t need either side of the climate debate invoking Godwin’s Law on any level, … Continue reading

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‘Skeptical Science’, Shouting, and Joe Romm’s integrity – a test

Over at Climate Progress, the alarmist organ of the Center for American Progress, Joe Romm is fond of citing an offhand remark from this WUWT story as “proof” of my alleged evilness. “Scientists” Pull a Snow Job on Reporters in … Continue reading

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July hottest ever, but U.S. tornado count – lowest since 1951: ‘poisoned weather’ meme falsified by Nature

“Connect the Dots” for this one. Mother Nature has just proven how idiotic some one the arguments trying to link global warming and severe weather are: in this case, the “global warming makes more tornadoes” argument has just gone down … Continue reading

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Tisdale: NOAA Issues El Niño Watch for Second Half of 2012, Joe Romm Issues “Rapid Warming” Alert for 2013

The WUWT ENSO meter – at zero, or neutral at the moment: Guest post by Bob Tisdale NOAA issued an El Niño watch yesterday morning. The watch seems a bit premature. A “watch” in NOAA parlance means “conditions are favorable,” but … Continue reading

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Facepalm! Gore’s “dirty energy = dirty weather” claims about the US are laughable in the context of other countries

Al Gore, is his usual incompetent persona, is bloviating weapons grade nonsense again. A few prior examples: On TV, Earth’s core is millions of degrees, in AIT, snows of Mt. Kilimanjaro will gone due to global warming, except the snows … Continue reading

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Roger Pielke Jr. calls out Joe Romm explicity

Pants on fire and all that – but well deserved. Kudos to Pielke Jr, for speaking out. http://rogerpielkejr.blogspot.com/2012/05/joe-romm-is-liar.html He says it isn’t the first time. It will be interesting to see Joe Romm’s reaction spin to this charge. It seems … Continue reading

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Quote of the week – a warm lesson on ethics from the experts

I have to laugh at the juxtaposition of rhetoric today. It’s like a gift from the universe. While Joe Romm launches yet another angry and hateful rant over at Climate Progress because of a poor editorial choice I made two … Continue reading

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Heartland’s Billboards and Joe Romm’s stunning hypocrisy

UPDATE5: 5/5/10:30AM Donna Laframboise pulls out of the conference. http://nofrakkingconsensus.com/2012/05/05/why-i-wont-be-speaking-at-the-heartland-conference/ Instead, those of us who had accepted Heartland’s invitation to take part in its conference found ourselves blindsided – a mere two weeks before the conference is set to begin … Continue reading

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Alarmism or Not? Joe Romm and the ‘Crying Wolf’ Dilemma

Guest post by Robert Bradley Jr. of Master Resource  “This notion that the environmental movement — or any other major play in the media landscape — is pushing non-stop apocalyptic messages like a broken record is one I debunked ….” … Continue reading

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Facts about the “Forecast the Facts” campaign – they’re just another paid mouthpiece of the Center for American Progress

I’ve talked about the slimy “Forecast the Facts” campaign before, where they are attempting to label your local TV weatherperson/meteorologist as a “denier” and pressure TV station management into making that person “toe the line” by having a bunch of … Continue reading

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Quote of the week – climate bookends and separations

I had planned to write about this, and specifically that Joe Romm’s blog “Climate Progress” appears to have died a quiet death of assimilation by the borg greens, saying: We are now merging with ThinkProgress Green, and that means we’ll … Continue reading

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Vampire bats? Must be a slow news day at Climate Progress

Almost every day, the ridiculo-meter pegs over at Joe Romm’s place. But today is special. He neuters his own headline in the very first paragraph. I just had to share the laughs. Yes, the vampire bats are coming to get … Continue reading

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The “bottomless well of nonsense on disasters and climate change”

From the “weather is not climate unless we say it is” department. While weepy Bill McKibben… Twitter / @350: This was a tragic weekend … This was a tragic weekend in the midwest of the USA. It’s more dangerous evidence … Continue reading

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Friday Funny – carbonated drink stands in for Joe Romm in debate

We all know how the warmists like to avoid debating at all costs. In this case, the easily agitated to effervescence – blow your top Romm was aptly represented at a “Drinks and Debate” in Washington, DC by the perfect … Continue reading

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Tragic winter weather in Europe doesn’t fit the Mannian narrative

From the Weather is not climate unless we say it is department: Over at Climate Progress, paid propagandist Joe Romm wails about “journalistic malpractice” from Michael Mann’s words in a tweet: The wailing (Jan 31st and again Feb 4th) was … Continue reading

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Enron Romm

Most WUWT readers know Joltin Joe Romm by his trademark over the top rhetoric and his outright hatred of skeptics on parade every day at his Center for American Progress blog. Most of us have learned to ignore it, because … Continue reading

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My thanks to Mike Roddy for helping with BEST review

Eh, even when I try to get away from it on weekends it follows me via email. But, I decided I’d take a moment to post this comment from Joe Romm’s Climate Progress somebody sent me that popped up on … Continue reading

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