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Countdown to a hurricane lateness record

While Joe Bastardi forecasts a huricane within 72 hours… The system in the eastern atlantic should ramp up rapidly and be a hurricane within 72 hours http://t.co/svQiDidwIi— Joe Bastardi (@BigJoeBastardi) September 08, 2013 …the clock is ticking on a satellite … Continue reading

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Next time somebody tries to tell you hurricane Sandy was an “unprecedented” East Coast hurricane, show them this

All one need to do to explode the memes that paid political activists Bill McKibben and Brad Johnson are pushing is to look at a history book. In this case, WeatherBELL’s Joe Bastardi points us to NOAA’s National Hurricane Center … Continue reading

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A Reply to Hurricane Sandy Alarmists

A suggestion the Great Gale of 1821 was worse than Hurricane Sandy, and Alarmists are wrong to suggest otherwise. Guest post by Caleb Shaw While I am often humbled, when it comes to predicting the weather, I did correctly predict … Continue reading

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The folly of blaming the Eastern U.S. heat wave on global warming

A picture is worth a thousand words:

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Skeptics on the radio

Harold Ambler – Worldwide Radio Interview Tonight I’m looking forward to joining the hosts of Wise Guys of Weather at 8:10 p.m. EDT this evening to discuss weather, climate, and my book. Hosts Joe Bastardi, Joe D’Aleo, and Alan Lammey … Continue reading

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Global temps in a Crash as AGW proponents Crash the Economy

By Joe Bastardi, Weatherbell Analytics When the PDO turned cold, most of the meteorological and climate community understood that the pattern was turning very similar the last time of the PDO reversal, the 1950s, and it was a matter of … Continue reading

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The Texas centered drought versus 1918, 1956 and 1934

Guest post by Joseph D’Aleo, CCM, AMS Fellow, WeatherBell Co-Chief Meteorologist June temperature and precipitation rankings are in. Enlarged. Warmest in Texas, Second warmest in Oklahoma. Enlarged Driest in New Mexico. Fourth driest in Oklahoma. Fifth driest in Texas. Wettest … Continue reading

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Bastardi on outdoor grilling, 4th of July, AGW, and all that

Here’s a 4th of July message from Joe Bastardi of WeatherBell regarding this idiotic piece in the NYT. Click the image at left for the story. He’ll be on Fox News tomorrow morning to talk more about it. Then there’s … Continue reading

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Bastardi on learning from the past

Joe publishes an essay in the  State College newspaper which Mann reads looking for anything that might question his hockey stick theory. – Anthony Can America Last? Only If We Use the Lessons of the Past by Joe Bastardi If … Continue reading

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Bastardi on the non-existent climate-tornado linkage

UPDATE: Graph added below per request from Joe Bastardi. But first, let’s listen to expert on all things public, scientific, and climatic, Rosie O’Donnell From Fox News: Living in an era when pop culture celebrities can assert “expert” opinions on … Continue reading

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Bastardi: no return of El Niño til 2012

No No to el Nino ( till 2012) By Joe Bastardi (from his WeatherBell blog) I was going to write something about the dreaded back door front and how while it may be 90 at the masters this weekend it … Continue reading

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Joe Bastardi on his next big thing

Guest post by Joe Bastardi Well Anthony, here it is, just for the great  folks that go to your wonderful site ( I have made no secret of my love it, so I guess I am being redundant). On March … Continue reading

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Where Joe Bastardi landed

I’ve known this for awhile, but couldn’t write about it until today. many people have asked me privately where former AccuWeather lead forecaster would land. The answer is in a new startup, with close associate Joe D’Aleo, first director of … Continue reading

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Joe Bastardi in Vanity Fair

This is a campy interview by Eric Spitznagel who runs “Awkward question time” at VF, is with our favorite forecaster, Joe Bastardi. Spitznagel was trying to make Joe look like some sort of WWF member (Not the fake wildlife crisis … Continue reading

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Joe Bastardi resigns at Accuweather after 32 years

From Joe Bastardi’s Fan Page at Facebook: Farewell to Joe Bastardi who has left AccuWeather after a distinguished 32-year career. We appreciate Joe’s dedicated service to our clients over these many years and wish him luck with all his endeavors. … Continue reading

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Sea Ice News #31

I’ve watched the hubbub over the AccuWeather video by Joe Bastardi that called NSIDC’s Sea Ice data into question, because it “seemed” to show lower Arctic Sea Ice values than that of JAXA or DMI. Here they all are: JAXA … Continue reading

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