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Reactions to ‘the pause’: Grasping at strawmen in hidey holes

It has been quite entertaining to watch the various explanations coming out to rationalize “the pause” in surface temperatures for the last 16 years. For example, as Jerome Ravetz points out to me in email, The Times Hannah Devlin says … Continue reading

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Monday Mirthiness: Severely unsettled science?

Dr. Jerome Ravetz writes in with this humorous research post job advertisement, writing: Here’s an extract from an advertisement for a research post at the London School of Economics:

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Two opinions on the state of science publishing

I’ve been made aware of two different opinions on state of science publishing as it relates to peer review and the pressure to publish even faster due to the Internet and all of its “instalaunch” tools. First, in Nature, a … Continue reading

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Post Normal Ravetz Rumpus

Reply from Jerome Ravetz As usual I am nearly overwhelmed by these replies, and I only wish that I could respond to each of them. Let me try to handle some issues that came up repeatedly. First, we can find … Continue reading

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Ravetz on Lisbon and leading the way

Guest post by Dr. Jerome Ravetz While the micro-bureaucracy of the Lisbon workshop bureaucracy grinds its way towards the release of a statement, I realise that the time is long overdue for me to touch base at WUWT. After all, … Continue reading

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I Have A Stake In The Outcome

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach Here on WUWT, Ron Cram has provided an interesting overview of a number of people’s ideas about desirable changes to the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (UN IPCC). He proposes that the IPCC … Continue reading

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The hope of Lisbon

Dr. Judith Curry writes over at Climate Etc about the upcoming Lisbon conference on “Workshop on Reconciliation in the Climate Change Debate.” I thought it would be good to touch on this. I was originally scheduled to attend, having been … Continue reading

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