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Abnormal extreme weather? Just another scare tactic

Why Nobody Ever Calls The Weather Normal By Dr. Matt Ridley WHEN the history of the global warming scare comes to be written, a chapter should be devoted to the way the message had to be altered to keep the … Continue reading

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Wild claim from University of East Anglia

No mays, coulds, or mights here in this press release headline from UEA. They say “will“.  As usual, they assume nature so poorly equipped her creations that they can’t adapt. That’s some ballsy certainty. Climate change will cause widespread global-scale … Continue reading

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Bob Carter’s essay in FP: Policymakers have quietly given up trying to cut ­carbon dioxide emissions

Deal with climate reality as it unfolds Special to Financial Post  May 23, 2012 By Dr. Bob Carter Over the last 18 months, policymakers in Canada, the U.S. and Japan have quietly abandoned the illusory goal of preventing global warming by … Continue reading

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Re-name “Earth Hour” to “Energy Hour” and base it on sound science

Doing the right things for the wrong reasons is a serious mistake Ottawa, Canada, March 28, 2012: “Earth Hour is yet another symbol of how climate activists have hijacked the environmental movement,” said Tom Harris, executive director of the International … Continue reading

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Australian hybrid fish story – Media jumps the shark

Pretty much everyone who has seen this today shakes their head and wonders. I’m wondering too. First, the story which is being serially regurgitated without any thought in media outlets world wide: Please  read this excepted text from the story … Continue reading

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Sea cucumbers: Dissolving coral reefs?

From the Carnegie Institution  and Stanford University comes word of this paper in JGR. Washington, D.C. — Coral reefs are extremely diverse ecosystems that support enormous biodiversity. But they are at risk. Carbon dioxide emissions are acidifying the ocean, threatening … Continue reading

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CO2 deafens “Nemo” – or, how many ichthyologists can you fit in that car?

We’ve already had a “climate craziness of the week” so I’ll just file this bit of blather under another category. First, this article in The Independent, which aims to scare the children. Now here’s the press release from the University … Continue reading

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