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That CO2 is powerful stuff, now causes satellites to be threatened in orbit due to lingering space debris

From the “CO2 is there anything it can’t do department” comes this ridiculous piece of research making the rounds in the MSM that worries about something that has not been observed to happen…oh, wait. From Nature Geoscience, note the text … Continue reading

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NASA seeing sprites

From the NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center High above the clouds during thunderstorms, some 50 miles above Earth a different kind of lightning dances. Bursts of red and blue light, known as “sprites,” flash for a scant one thousandth of a … Continue reading

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Solar storm continues, geomagnetic storm and auroras expected

We have about three hours to go for the expected arrival time of the CME at 0625 UTC/1025 PM PST. Proton flux remains high as do other indicators. Additionally another C class solar flare just occured. This bulletin just in … Continue reading

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Impressive timelapse movie from the ISS shows active thunderstorms & city nightlights

This was featured on Slashdot, and I thought I’d share it here since it is so impressive. From the description on YouTube: A time-lapse taken from the front of the International Space Station as it orbits our planet at night. … Continue reading

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