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Self admitted cyber thief Peter Gleick is still on the IOP board that approved the Cook 97% consensus paper

Tonight, I’m surprised to find that Gleick, who stole documents under a false identity, and then likely forged a fake memo sent to MSM outlets is apparently still on the editorial review board of the Institute of Physics (IOP), Environmental … Continue reading

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Cold cities use more energy than warm cities

From the Institute of Physics , comes this piece of research that suggests all the summer energy we use on air conditioning in warm climates doesn’t compare to the energy used to keep warm in cold climates. Cold cities less … Continue reading

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Another nutty geoengineering idea – Olivine dust

From the Institute of Physics Researchers analyse ‘rock dissolving’ method of geoengineering The benefits and side effects of dissolving particles in our ocean’s surfaces to increase the marine uptake of carbon dioxide (CO2), and therefore reduce the excess amount of … Continue reading

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Untested claim: increased CO2 helps glacier ice to crack

From the Institute of Physics , something so overreaching I just can’t believe the Institute of Physics would put out a press release on it.  Where does one start with stuff like this? This is all modeling, they haven’t even … Continue reading

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Climate skeptics gaining ground in media

From the Institute of Physics , a surprising study being published by them, which not only measures the increase, but now has provided labels for type1 through type 3 skeptics. It seems they really don’t understand, but they are trying … Continue reading

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The warm-cold oscillation

From the Institute of Physics Cold winters caused by warmer summers, research suggests Scientists have offered up a convincing explanation for the harsh winters recently experienced in the Northern Hemisphere; increasing temperatures and melting ice in the Arctic regions creating … Continue reading

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Our sustainable mirth

Bishop Hill writes of a new paper, one so “toe curling” it is worth mentioning here to get more exposure. He writes: This is science? This is progress? Reports on Progress in Physics, a journal published by the Institute of Physics … Continue reading

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New paper links cosmic rays, clouds, and temperature

This new paper shows what appears to be a link between Forbush descreases and terrestrial temperature change shortly afterwards. It is a short time scale demonstration of what Svensmark is positing happens on a longer climate appropriate time scale as … Continue reading

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