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Slaying the ‘Slayers’ with Watts – part 2

Light Bulb Back Radiation Experiment Guest essay by Curt Wilson In the climate blogosphere, there have been several posts recently on the basic principles of radiative physics and how they relate to heat transfer. (see yesterday’s experiment by Anthony here) … Continue reading

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New WUWT-TV segment: Slaying the ‘slayers’ with Watts

As readers may know, Dr. Roy Spencer and I have had a long running disagreement with the group known as “Principia Scientific International” aka the Sky Dragon Slayers after the title of their book. While I think these people mean … Continue reading

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WUWT Sea Ice Page Upgrades and Northern Regional Sea Ice Overview

By WUWT regular “Just The Facts” We are pleased to introduce an array of upgrades to the WUWT Sea Ice Page, including: Arctic Sea Ice Thickness: From the Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) – HYCOM Consortium for Data-Assimilative Ocean Modeling links … Continue reading

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Earth’s entire thermal infrared spectrum observed

From AGU highlights, interesting, but readers should note that this is one point on Earth in Chile, not a summation of the  atmospheric absorption, emission, and transmission of infrared radiation for the entire globe. For first time, entire thermal infrared … Continue reading

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A Matter of Some Gravity

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach A couple of apparently related theories have been making the rounds lately. One is by Nikolov and Zeller (N&Z), expounded here and replied to here on WUWT. The other is by Hans Jelbring, discussed at … Continue reading

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Visualizing the “Greenhouse Effect” – Atmospheric Windows

Guest post by Ira Glickstein A real greenhouse has windows. So does the Atmospheric “greenhouse effect”. They are similar in that they allow Sunlight in and restrict the outward flow of thermal energy. However, they differ in the mechanism. A … Continue reading

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A Conversation with an Infrared Radiation Expert

A guest post by Ken Coffman and Mikael Cronholm In clicking around on the Internet, I found an outstanding paper called Thermodynamics of Furnace Tubes – Killing Popular Myths about Furnace Tube Temperature Measurement written by Mikael Cronholm. The paper … Continue reading

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