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Study says global warming caused by CFCs interacting with cosmic rays, not carbon dioxide

From the University of Waterloo, an extraordinary claim. While plausible, due to the fact that CFC’s have very high GWP numbers, their atmospheric concentrations compared to CO2 are quite low, and the radiative forcings they add are small by comparison … Continue reading

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They shrink horses, don’t they?

From the University of Nebraska-Lincoln . Tom Nelson quipped earlier today that he hadn’t noticed any pygmy horses near the equator where it is warmer. Study: Evolution of earliest horses driven by climate change New research offers evidence of rising … Continue reading

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When warmistas attack

Note: There’s a response and analysis to this post here. NOTE: Predictably, Joe Romm has turned this post into a personal bashing of me over at his Climate Progress blog. For some eye opening viewpoints from his side of the … Continue reading

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