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Friday Funny – reflections on the greenhouse effect

After the essays in May on mirrors and light bulbs, I’ve been regularly poked and prodded via email for not wanting to engage “the slayers” anymore, or to do that “third experiment” I mentioned in May. I long ago concluded … Continue reading

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Slaying the ‘Slayers’ with Watts – part 2

Light Bulb Back Radiation Experiment Guest essay by Curt Wilson In the climate blogosphere, there have been several posts recently on the basic principles of radiative physics and how they relate to heat transfer. (see yesterday’s experiment by Anthony here) … Continue reading

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New WUWT-TV segment: Slaying the ‘slayers’ with Watts

As readers may know, Dr. Roy Spencer and I have had a long running disagreement with the group known as “Principia Scientific International” aka the Sky Dragon Slayers after the title of their book. While I think these people mean … Continue reading

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Congress suspends light bulb ban funding

UPDATE 2: 12/16/11 9AMPST It appears early reports were wrong, junkscience.com now reports that The deal agreed to in Congress merely deprives the Department oF Energy the funds to enforce the ban for 2012. The ban is still on the … Continue reading

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Canada finds climate sanity

Back from the brink A sudden outbreak of sanity seems to have taken hold Canada. Firstly the idea of a carbon tax appears to have been killed off for good: Conservatives kill carbon tax Conservatives have kiboshed a carbon tax, Environment … Continue reading

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Hate the twisty bulbs? ESL’s coming soon

This product just got UL approval, expect it to show up for retail sales soon. What’s an ESL? Think of it as an unfocused Cathode Ray Tube or CRT. The definition at Wikipedia is: Electron Stimulated Luminescence (ESL) is light … Continue reading

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Do CFL twisty bulbs explode?

Here’s a story that suggests that they can. Like any poorly manufactured or quality controlled product, failures can occur. But with CFL bulbs, there’s additional things that can go wrong over the simple and century long proven incandescent bulb. Read … Continue reading

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Can we have our regular old light bulbs back now?

Great, just great. Don’t get me wrong, I like the LED bulbs, I have several in my house. But when we get back to basics, a tungsten light bulb doesn’t require a haz-mat squad to dispose of. It’s glass, ceramic, … Continue reading

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An end of an era – the incandescent light bulb

Also, there’s a poll at the end of this article, asking about what you might be doing for the upcoming ban in California. On January 1st, 2011, just a few days from now, California will begin phasing out the legal … Continue reading

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