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WUWT gets results

Readers may recall yesterday that I posted this story : As hurricane season starts, the FSU hurricane season forecast is the odd man out citing “active”. This was from the FSU press release at Eurekalert here which headlines “Hurricane season … Continue reading

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Hurricane drought days at an all time high – Katrina Karma ?

Ever since Al Gore used hurricane Katrina as a false example of AGW driven severe weather, there has been a drought of major landfalling U.S. Hurricanes, which can only be a good thing. This year I hope Mr. Gore makes … Continue reading

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NCAR’s Dr. Kevin Treberth’s ugly intolerance of dissenting views from other scientists

And to think I almost wasted my time going to visit Dr. Trenberth at NCAR this fall. This is mind blowing intolerance in professional discourse. Here’s the email, bold mine. email 3946 date: Thu Dec 9 08:28:11 2004 from: Phil … Continue reading

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Global tropical cyclone activity still in the tank

Even with the expected active 2010 North Atlantic hurricane season, which accounts on average for about 1/5 of global annual hurricane output, the rest of the global tropics has been historically quiet.  The Western North Pacific this year has seen … Continue reading

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Hurricane Julia explodes — Atlantic has two coincident Category 4 hurricanes, very rare

UPDATE 5 AM AST: Second time in 100-years two coincident Category 4’s in the Atlantic…together, Igor and Julia have the highest coincident intensities on record. Two major hurricanes exist simultaneously in the North Atlantic, a rare occurrence.  With the current … Continue reading

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