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Was Typhoon Haiyan the Most Intense Storm in Modern History?

Guest essay by Patrick J. Michaels Global warming buffs have been fond of claiming that the roaring winds of Typhoon Haiyan were the highest ever measured in a landfalling tropical cyclone, and that therefore (?) this is a result of … Continue reading

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McKibben connects the weather dots on sh** happens

Oh boy. The propaganda gets thicker. It’s a Forrest Gump moment. Billy McKibben connects the weather dots, except it spells out nothing more than – sh** happens. This is one of the most hilarious propaganda videos I’ve ever seen, showing … Continue reading

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Why I don’t subscribe to Scientific American any more

It is because of beyond stupid fear mongering like this: Are Category 6 Hurricanes coming soon? Really? Lest people think this is some sort of “new” fear, I’ll remind them of this from 1969, well before CO2 was bogusly posited … Continue reading

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