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Heartland doubled the number of individual donors since Peter Gleick’s Fakegate scandal

Jim Lakely, Heartland’s communications director, takes Daniel Souweine of the TV meteorologist hassling group Fabricate Forecast the Facts to task in this piece on the Heartland blog: Reports of Heartland’s Demise Are Greatly Exaggerated By Jim Lakely Yesterday, the boss … Continue reading

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Forensic analysis of the fake Heartland ‘Climate Strategy Memo’ concludes Peter Gleick is the likely forger

Readers may recall that on February 22nd, I offered up some open source stylometry/textometry software called JGAAP (Java Graphical Authorship Attribution Program), with a suggestion that readers make use of it to determine the authorship of the faked Heartland strategy memo … Continue reading

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Peter Gleick lecturing the U.S. Senate on “deceitful tactics”

“Copner” alerts us in comments to this public document: Testimony of Dr. Peter Gleick, February 7, 2007 Senate Commerce, Science, and Transportation Table 1 Categories of Deceitful Tactics and Abuse of the Scientific Process (source: P.H. Gleick, Pacific Institute, 2007) … Continue reading

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Heartland Institute Releases Peter Gleick Emails Detailing Fraud, Identity Theft

Correspondence Began Same Day He Rejected Invitation to Debate FEBRUARY 24, 2012 – The Heartland Institute today released all the emails Pacific Institute President Peter Gleick sent to The Heartland Institute for the purpose of fraudulently obtaining internal Heartland documents. … Continue reading

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Dr. Peter Gleick may have run afoul of a new cyber-impersonation law in California

WUWT commenter “The Duke” writes: I just sent the following letter to Senator Joe Simitian (D- Palo Alto) regarding Dr. Gleick’s apparent violation of SB 1411 which went into effect January 1st, 2011. Dear Senator Simitian: I am writing to … Continue reading

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NCSE accepts Gleick’s resignation

This essay is from the National Center for Science Education at:  http://ncse.com/news/2012/02/source-heartland-leak-steps-forward-007220 ========================================================== Source of Heartland leak steps forward Peter Gleick The source of the documents revealing the strategy of the Heartland Institute’s campaign to undermine the public’s understanding of … Continue reading

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A reply to Senator Menendez from Santa

People send me stuff. I’m on all sorts of mailing lists, and ever since WUWT started the Sea Ice Page, I’ve been on the Santa’s workshop mailing list. Believe me, it’s as much a surprise to me as it is … Continue reading

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Environmentalist marries Gaia in E-ceremony

From the Huffington Post, a tale of bliss. WUWT Readers may remember Mr. Bloom from a  previous story where he did something outlandish, but it appears he was simply protecting his future bride. There’s no mention at HuffPo if Earth … Continue reading

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