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The Amazing Mann gives no pause

Robert Scheaffer reports from the meeting via email: Mann just told TAM (The Amazing Meeting of the Skeptics Society) that there has been no pause in Global Warming, and says claims that there has been are just ‘Cherry Picking’. About … Continue reading

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Watch Michael Mann’s self aggrandizing AGU presentation

He’s still pushing the same old stuff; Mannian certified hockey sticks, evil skeptics, and a persecution complex to make up for his own lack of transparency.

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Friday Funny: New world record temperature ‘hockey stick’ spotted in Washington today

Gotta love this, with all the hullabaloo over a possible new world temperature record in Death Valley, a logging town in Washington has pre-empted them. Hilariously, the reading of 139 degrees F is listed as “suspect” as it should be, … Continue reading

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Another proxy study with an ‘unprecedented’ temperature claim

UPDATE: McIntyre discovers a serious flaw right away, more upside down Mann world – he writes: In keeping with the total and complete stubbornness of the paleoclimate community, they use the most famous series of Mann et al 2008: the … Continue reading

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Introducing the anti-hockey stick – ‘The Scythe”

We already are well familiar with the shape of the hockey stick, so familiar in fact it has become an icon. Josh writes: It has already been concluded by Marcott et al that their results should now show no modern … Continue reading

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Almost Friday Funny – rotten to the core

Josh writes: Apologies for the lack of cartoons this month but I have been snowed under (!) with the day job. Even sadder when the Climate Blogosphere has had so much hilarious material on offer. This cartoon was inspired by … Continue reading

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Monday Mirthiness – Watch the genesis (and retraction) of a smear

This is hilarious, I finally got a retraction out of Dr. Michael Mann. The AGW proponents must be reeling from McIntyre’s takedown of Marcott et al, because I watched the most hilarious smear genesis unfold this morning a few minutes … Continue reading

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Real Climate response to McIntyre’s Marcott stick busting

Many people have been wondering what sort of response would be coming now that Steve has conclusively shown that the Marcott et al “hockey stick” is nothing more than an artifact of what appears to be the worst case of … Continue reading

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It has come down to this – climate science has become a stick fight

I have to chuckle at the battle going on with stick graphs this weekend. Choose your weapon, flat or vertical blade, real data, or proxy data with an arbitrary extension added by the special effects department. First, Christoper Booker’s flat … Continue reading

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Mike’s Amazon Trick

Over at Bishop Hill, there’s an eye opening story by Shub Niggurath about the orchestration of book reviews for Michael Mann’s Hockey Stick and the Climate Wars using John Cook’s “secret” forum for the climate “in” crowd. It is a … Continue reading

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ABR pulls Karoly’s review of Michael Mann’s book

Perhaps responding to some of the concerns published yesterday on WUWT about how Steve McIntyre was treated by David Karoly, or perhaps reacting to his reactionary stance at a recent wind farm event, the Australian Book Review has apparently pulled … Continue reading

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Lucia takes on the Gergis et al hockey stick screening fallacy

This is an excerpt of a larger post that deserves the wider attention WUWT can bring to it. The image at left is from my article: A look at treemometers and tree ring growth – Anthony Screening: Now with good+bad treenometers. … Continue reading

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American Meteorological Society disappears withdraws Gergis et al paper on proxy temperature reconstruction after post peer review finds fatal flaws

UPDATE: It appears the paper has been withdrawn and credit acknowledgement given to Steve McIntyre, see below: There was yet another recent “hockey stick” being foisted on the public. Gergis et al. It says: The average reconstructed temperature anomaly in … Continue reading

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This new paper may explain the widespread belief in the value of Michael Mann’s methods and the ‘bet’ on the Hockey Stick

Over at Steve McIntyre’s, there’s a fascinating discussion going on about the relevance of the hockey stick in the context of the Myles Allen mis-identification of the temperature record in a 2011 conference on Climategate as being the hockey stick … Continue reading

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Michael Mann on “Inside Story”

Tom Nelson points out that Michael Mann’s sabbatical gives him time to take a break from his sober, objective, apolitical, just-the-facts, hard-science-only work to discuss the environmentalist movement on: Seems rather ho-hum until you look up what network “Inside Story” … Continue reading

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Climate Craziness of the Week: ‘$300 gets you a hockey stick signed by Mike Mann’

You just have to laugh. Scott Mandia aka “SuperMandia” (seen at left) outdoes himself with a new level of craziness. And here we thought Mike Mann really didn’t like hockey stick icons: “I always thought it was somewhat misplaced to … Continue reading

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Gleick declares in Mann’s book review (after phishing Heartland) – “there IS a war on”

From Amazon’s list of Gleick book reviews here Must read — for the real history of the climate debate and the war by deniers, February 8, 2012 This review is from: The Hockey Stick and the Climate Wars: Dispatches from … Continue reading

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Michael Mann’s new book is out

Tom Nelson reports: I just bought the Kindle version of Michael Mann’s “The Hockey Stick and the Climate Wars: Dispatches from the Front Lines” I hate the idea of spending $9.99 on a climate hoax book, but I plan to … Continue reading

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Climategate 2 email – Rob Wilson replicates McIntyre & McKitrick – produces hockey sticks out of noise

Reader Crosspatch writes in comments: 4241.txt is where Briffa Rob Wilson apparently believes he recreates what McIntyre is talking about the hockey stick showing up no matter what data you feed into it. Briffa Wilson creates randomly generated time series, … Continue reading

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John L. Daly’s message to Mike Mann and The Team

Ric Werme writes in comments: When I realized the Climategate 2009 Emails went back many years, one of the first things that occurred to me was there might be Emails from John Daly. He died before I became involved in … Continue reading

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Dr. Martin Hertzberg responds to Dr. Michael Mann

Readers may recall the strange series of events leading up to the post facto revisionism at the Vail Daily News when Dr. Michael Mann sent an angry reply letter to the newspaper and then the original letter from Dr. Hertzberg … Continue reading

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Quote of the week – where the hockey pucks go

Dr. Bradley (of MBH98 hockey stick fame) really outdoes himself this time.

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How I learned to stop smoking and love Global Warming

Guest post by by Michael A. Lewis, Ph.D. In my work as an archaeologist in Alaska, I spent a good swat of my time hiking through forests along the Yukon River, scrambling over piles of driftwood along the northwest coast … Continue reading

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