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Uninvented History

Guest post by WUWT regular Caleb Shaw I am always seizing upon things people tell me, parking the statements in my memory, and only years later learning they are untrue.  It is not merely urban myths, (such as the myth … Continue reading

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Open thread weekend

I’m taking a blog holiday this weekend. Right now I’m watching the History channel 2 (H2) while some off the rails eco-scientist explains to us why we are all going to die because of “what might happen if a gigantic … Continue reading

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Climate craziness of the week – the last one, really!

The Telegraph goes full stupid with this headline. The craziness is that this photo essay has to be done every year, a point apparently lost on both the Telegraph and the photographer.

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United States Climatic History in Graphs

We are pleased to introduce the new WUWT US Climatic History Reference Page The graphs within offer a reasonable overview of climatic conditions in the United States during our brief historical record. I don’t see any indications of catastrophically rapid … Continue reading

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Introducing the WUWT US Weather History Reference Page

We are pleased to introduce WUWT’s newest addition, the WUWT US Weather History Reference Page The US Weather History page includes temperature, precipitation and snowfall graphs and graphics covering the prior year in the United States. It will soon be … Continue reading

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After the Noachian floods in 1861, California experienced a punishing drought

Guest post by Dr. Ryan N. Maue (using my AB History from Michigan) The catastrophe modeling of the USGS extrapolates current damage$ based upon the scenario of the California floods of 1861-1862.  Quoting directly from the Southern California quarterly Volume … Continue reading

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Has Charles Dickens shaped our perception of climate change?

Note: This essay originally appeared last January on The Air Vent. Given our current winter, it as just as prescient now as it was then, so I’m reposting it here. Thanks to Verity Jones and Charles the Moderator for bringing … Continue reading

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Quote of the Week – delineating Nature

Usually, I take a cue from some newspaper or web article citing someone or other with some profound or ridiculous comment, but it turns out we have our own profound QOTW right here at WUWT. In the thread: What really … Continue reading

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