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Newsbytes -Heavy Snowfall Rejuvenates Himalayan Glaciers

via the GWPF and Dr. Benny Peiser New Evidence Undermines Climate Alarmism With high-altitude mountains in Himachal Pradesh experiencing up to 100 cm fresh snowfall in November month after 10 years, the abundance of snow on mountains has rejuvenated nearly … Continue reading

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The IPCC can’t learn from past mistakes – wants more grey literature

You’d think that after the drubbing they got last time around from the InterAcademy council for citing mentions of climate effects in travel brochures, climbing magazines, and the Himalayan glacier’s melting by 2035 fiasco, and other blunders, they’d want less … Continue reading

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Ice capades – Some Himalayan Glaciers Growing, study suggests a negative sea level rise adjustment

I wonder if Rajenda Pachauri will call this “voodoo science“? A previous study by the UC Santa Barbara found that the Karakoram glaciers are mostly stagnating, possibly due to debris, the author said then that: “There is no ‘stereotypical’ Himalayan glacier,” … Continue reading

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Fundamental questions on Isostasy and Mean Sea-Level

Guest post by Andi Cockroft Firstly, let me declare that I am not a current student of Geology or Geophysics. I studied Mathematics, Computer Science and Geology at University way back in the 60’s and I have focused my entire … Continue reading

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Monckton responds to Peter Hadfield aka “potholer54″ – plus Hadfield’s response

UPDATE: Below is Peter Hadfield’s response in entirety, submitted Feb 7th, 2012. I’ve made only some slight edits for formatting to fit. Comments are open. – Anthony By Christopher Monckton of Brenchley Various You-Tube videos by a former “science writer” … Continue reading

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IPCC Brand Science™ – extrapolating 10 himalayan glaciers to speak for 54,000 – meanwhile Himalayagate 2 is evolving over the Stern Report

10/54,000 = .0185 % That’s an impressively small sample size. Apparently Pachauri’s zeal to get back the Himalayagate claim of melting by 2035 outweighs any rational attempts at science. In any other discipline, a sample size this small would be … Continue reading

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Himalayan Sherpas as climate proxy

Bishop Hill writes: As if there weren’t enough problems with climate data already, the latest bright idea from CAGW subscribers is to use opinion polls to measure climate change. I kid you not… The journal Biology Letters this week reports … Continue reading

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Bangladesh, the Poster Child

Guest post by: B.Quartero Bangladesh, the largest Delta in the world, has been the poster child of a scary sea level rise story ever since “An Inconvenient Truth”. There is much to be concerned about in Bangladesh, and flooding is … Continue reading

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