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Asia’s air pollution may be keeping tropical storm activity down

From the Law of Unintended Consequences and The Clean Air Act, comes this bit of news. Since the 1970′s The Clean Air Act has benefited breathing in many American cities with tangible results (just look at Los Angeles), but it … Continue reading

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Hump day hilarity: Big Kahuna Warmy

From the overhyped and virtually overheated UK Met Office meeting yesterday where they tried to explain “The Pause” Telegraph blogger Sean Thomas was there and was able to get first hand reports on what was said. Bishop Hill says: “I … Continue reading

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12 Reasons Why The Met Office Is Alarmed

From the GWPF: Met Office To Hold Crisis Summit On Epic Forecast Failures The Met Office’s temperature forecasts issued in 12 out of the last 13 years have been too warm. None of the forecasts issued ended up too cold. … Continue reading

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HadCRUt4: revision or revisionism?

Guest essay by Christopher Monckton of Brenchley As Bob Tisdale has recently pointed out, the monthly temperature anomaly series published by the Hadley Centre and the Climatic Research Unit at the University of East Anglia has just been extensively revised. … Continue reading

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A climate of scepticism

Guest post by Philip Lloyd, Energy Institute, CPUT The world is getting a little warmer. Of that there is no doubt. The measurements by which we know that it is warming are poor. The figures are not accessible, and keep … Continue reading

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Global Temperature Update–September 2012

Guest post by Paul Homewood The HADCRUT data has now been released for September, so we can have a look at the latest figures for the four main global temperature datasets. I have now switched to HADCRUT4, although the Hadley … Continue reading

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Sea Ice News Volume 3 Number 5 – SEARCH Sea Ice Outlook forecasting contest for 2012

The Arctic sea ice extent forecasting contest is on again.  As before I’ll allow readers to submit their best estimates in a poll, and I’ll submit those results as we’ve done in the past two years. Last year, the forecast … Continue reading

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Icy Arctic Variations in Variability

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach A while back, I noticed an oddity about the Hadley Centre’s HadISST sea ice dataset for the Arctic. There’s a big change in variation from the pre- to the post-satellite era. Satellite measurements of ice … Continue reading

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CRU’s new CRUTem4, hiding the decline yet again

Over at JunkScience.com Steve Milloy writes: Skeptic Setback? ‘New’ CRU data says world has warmed since 1998 But not in a statistically significant way. Gerard Wynn writes at Reuters: Britain’s Climatic Research Unit (CRU), which for years maintained that 1998 … Continue reading

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Jason and the Argo Notes

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach Like Jason, I proceed into the unknown with my look at the Argo data, and will post random notes as I voyage. Come, my friends, ‘Tis not too late to seek a newer world. Push … Continue reading

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Al Gore’s global warming claims on Kilimanjaro glacier – finally dead and buried in the Climategate 2.0 emails – even Phil Jones and Lonnie Thompson don’t believe it

Al Gore said in his AIT bag of BS that Mount Kilimanjaro was losing its snow/ice cover due to global warming. Here’s the Transcript of “An Inconvenient Truth”: Effects of Global Warming And now we’re beginning to see the impact … Continue reading

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What do sea measurements reveal about Earth’s temperature trend?

From the AGU highlights Despite the fact that average temperatures on land have been increasing from year to year, globally averaged surface temperatures from 2000 to 2010 have shown only moderate warming. This is because sea surface temperatures over the … Continue reading

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Tisdale: An Introduction To The Hadley Centre’s New HADSST3 Sea Surface Temperature Data

 by Bob Tisdale The Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute (KNMI) has added the Hadley Centre’s new Sea Surface Temperature (SST) dataset HADSST3 to their Climate Explorer. (Thanks to Dr. Geert Jan van Oldenborgh for the update.) The following post is a … Continue reading

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Climate Craziness of the Week: Mike Smith on “This Week’s Stupidest Global Warming Story”

By Mike Smith of Meteorological Musings This story from London’s Daily Mail is so bad, the reporter won’t even put his or her name on it. In the story, we learn the Joplin tornado was caused by global warming.  We learn … Continue reading

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