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Arctic Layer Cake

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach There’s a recent paper paywalled here, called Arctic winter warming amplified by the thermal inversion and consequent low infrared cooling to space. Fortunately, the Supplementary Online Information is available here, and it contains much valuable information. … Continue reading

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New WUWT-TV segment: Slaying the ‘slayers’ with Watts

As readers may know, Dr. Roy Spencer and I have had a long running disagreement with the group known as “Principia Scientific International” aka the Sky Dragon Slayers after the title of their book. While I think these people mean … Continue reading

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Great moments in activist climate science – NRDC’s Dr. Laurie Johnson: ‘CO2 makes your car hot’

People send me stuff. This makes Bill Nye’s recent CNN fail look almost forgivable. My friend Lars Larson, who runs a nationally syndicated radio show out of Portland, OR sent me this audio clip today. I had to listen to … Continue reading

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The Spencer Challenge to Slayers/Principia

Dr. Roy Spencer has made a challenge to the Slayers/Principia folks who keep insisting the greenhouse effect doesn’t exist at all. For example, see the front page claim at right from the Principia web page where they claim the greenhouse … Continue reading

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The R. W. Wood Experiment

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach Pushed by a commenter on another thread, I thought I’d discuss the R. W. Wood experiment, done in 1909. Many people hold that this experiment shows that CO2 absorption and/or back-radiation doesn’t exist, or at … Continue reading

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Myths and Facts about Global Warming

From Friends of Science. Be sure to visit their page and bookmark it. COMMON MISCONCEPTIONS ABOUT GLOBAL WARMING MYTH 1:  Global temperatures are rising at a rapid, unprecedented rate. FACT:  The HadCRUT3 surface temperature index shows warming to 1878, cooling … Continue reading

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Earth’s entire thermal infrared spectrum observed

From AGU highlights, interesting, but readers should note that this is one point on Earth in Chile, not a summation of the  atmospheric absorption, emission, and transmission of infrared radiation for the entire globe. For first time, entire thermal infrared … Continue reading

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Clive Best gives evidence for negative water feedback in Earth’s climate system using the faint sun paradox and CRUTEM4 data

Excerpts from Evidence for Negative Water Feedback by Clive Best Abstract: Positive linear climate feedback for combined water effects is shown to be incompatible with the Faint Sun Paradox. In particular, feedback values of ~2.0 W/m2K-1 favored by current GCM … Continue reading

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Pilot video for a series: Bill Scientific – “The Greenhouse Effect”

Guest post by Bill DiPuccio, Science Teacher Let’s face it, high school science videos can be boring and ineffective. I like my science with a twist of comic exaggeration. So I decided to produce a video with enough humor to … Continue reading

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The UK Independent asks: “Is catastrophic global warming, like the Millennium Bug, a mistake?”

I remember vividly the panic leading up to year 2000. People were racing to Y2K their computers and systems. TV news crews had reporters stationed at bank machines, at train traffic centers in NYC, at airports, all waiting to see … Continue reading

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Support for the saturated greenhouse effect leaves the likelihood of AGW tipping points in the cold

From The Hockey Shtick, word of a new paper that supports Miskolczi’s theory of saturated greenhouse effect. We’ve seen this before, in the form of this graph. In 2006, Willis Eschenbach posted this graph on Climate Audit showing the logarithmic … Continue reading

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Unified Theory of Climate: Reply to Comments

Foreword – I’ve had this document since January 17th, and it has taken some time to get it properly reproduced here in full due to formatting issues. Some equations have to be converted to images, and I have to double … Continue reading

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A Matter of Some Gravity

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach A couple of apparently related theories have been making the rounds lately. One is by Nikolov and Zeller (N&Z), expounded here and replied to here on WUWT. The other is by Hans Jelbring, discussed at … Continue reading

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Unified Theory of Climate

Note: This was a poster, and adopted into a blog post by the author, Ned Nikolov, specifically for WUWT. My thanks to him for the extra effort in converting the poster to a more blog friendly format. – Anthony Expanding … Continue reading

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Warming 101 primer

Submitted by D.B. Stealey This article went viral when it was first published. Well worth reading: “Our planet has been slowly warming since last emerging from the “Little Ice Age” of the 17th century, often associated with the Maunder Minimum. … Continue reading

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Visualizing the “Greenhouse Effect” – Molecules and Photons

Guest Post by Ira Glickstein This series began with a mechanical analogy for the Atmospheric “Greenhouse Effect” and progressed a bit more deeply into Atmospheric Windows and Emission Spectra. In this posting, we consider the interaction between air molecules, including … Continue reading

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Stratospheric water vapor at Boulder up slightly in 30 years

Via press release from the AGU: Stratospheric water vapor increase at Colorado site Water vapor in the atmosphere is responsible for a significant portion of the greenhouse effect, and even small changes in the upper troposphere or lower stratosphere can … Continue reading

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The IPCC, 1990: “Detection of the Greenhouse Effect in Observations” – at odds with the 1988 Senate testimony of Dr. James Hansen?

I’m rather tired still from my trip, and so I don’t have the energy to get into a detailed read and analysis of this document which was posted up on the IPCC website just 14 hours ago. This is the … Continue reading

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Visualizing the “Greenhouse Effect” – Emission Spectra

Guest post by Ira Glickstein The Atmospheric “greenhouse effect” has been analogized to a blanket that insulates the Sun-warmed Earth and slows the rate of heat transmission, thus increasing mean temperatures above what they would be absent “greenhouse gases” (GHGs). … Continue reading

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Visualizing the “Greenhouse Effect” – Atmospheric Windows

Guest post by Ira Glickstein A real greenhouse has windows. So does the Atmospheric “greenhouse effect”. They are similar in that they allow Sunlight in and restrict the outward flow of thermal energy. However, they differ in the mechanism. A … Continue reading

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Visualizing the “Greenhouse Effect” – A Physical Analogy

Guest post by Ira Glickstein Albert Einstein was a great theoretical physicist, with all the requisite mathematical tools. However, he rejected purely mathematical abstraction and resorted to physical analogy for his most basic insights. For example, he imagined a man … Continue reading

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New paper – “absence of correlation between temperature changes … and CO2″

WUWT readers may remember way back when…I posted this from Joe D’Aleo: Warming Trend: PDO And Solar Correlate Better Than CO2 Joe wrote then: Clearly the US annual temperatures over the last century have correlated far better with cycles in the … Continue reading

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