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Has Google seen the light?

by David Archibald Google’s motto is “Don’t be evil”. Well, a couple of years ago Google had sided with the forces of darkness in the global warming battle – a position that when their lives are weighed in the balance … Continue reading

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Google Hacked the ‘Skeptical Science’ Website

Worst damage control ever? Guest essay by Brandon Schollenberger Despite my joking comments about having mad haxor skillz being a source of amusement for many people, it appears some people actually believe I hacked the Skeptical Science forum’s website. Rob … Continue reading

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Google hangout notes: ‘I’ve never seen Revkin less convinced that CO2 causes bad weather’

This is from Tom Nelson, who took notes on yesterday’s Google hangout between Andrew Revkin and David Roberts [1-hour video] Andrew Revkin from Dot Earth Blog and David Roberts from Grist.org chat about climate change topics [Before and during this … Continue reading

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Now if we could only get them to stop using the “D” word, they might actually communicate better

From the University of Missouri: Public Acceptance of Climate Change Affected by Word Usage, Says MU Anthropologist Better science communication could lead to a more informed American public. Public acceptance of climate change’s reality may have been influenced by the … Continue reading

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Warming Rate in the US Slowed during the Recent Warming Period

The Contiguous U.S. Surface Air Temperature Data Through 2012 – Is the Recent Warming Trend Unusual? Guest post by Bob Tisdale There’s going to be a press conference today with James Hansen of GISS and Tom Karl of NOAA. According to … Continue reading

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NYT pushes crazy claims about “extreme weather” but public interest wanes

From Tom Neslon who writes: Barking madness in the New York Times: Global warming blamed for coldest winter in China in 30 years and many other extreme cold events; story illustrated with a photo of snow on the palm trees … Continue reading

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The rise and fall of Al Gore and Global Warming

I noticed with my morning coffee that Tom Nelson had a Google Trends graph that piqued my interest, so I decided to expand upon it a bit before getting back to work. After looking at my results, the title of … Continue reading

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“Getting your mind right” in Australia, round 2

The “I Can Change Your Mind about Climate” website of the ABC TV in Australia reminds me of the famous phrase “your gonna get your mind right, Luke” from the 1967 classic movie “Cool Hand Luke” with Paul Newman: The … Continue reading

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WUWT search engine issues and site update

This post over on Scottish Sceptic’s website (below) points to a problem that WUWT has with search engines. One big issue he raises is that I can’t edit meta tags in the website header, but then again, I’ve had a … Continue reading

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Google abandons renewable energy projects

This is telling. From this Reuters article, news that Google has decided that seven projects just don’t pencil out as planned, and alternate energy is one that doesn’t. So much for the “cheaper than coal” meme they were pushing. Not … Continue reading

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A request: +1 Us for Google’s Sake

A week or so ago I found out about Google’s +1 program, which allows anybody to uprate websites that participate, so that users can boost that site’s search rankings. As has been found recently, Google has staff of people who … Continue reading

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Stop checking the facts: “Your Internet search has just helped kill the planet”

Guest post by Alec Rawls This could explain a few things. Greens are against searching for information. To save the planet, only follow safe links from Joe Romm, Andrew Revkin, John Cook and RealClimate. Searching bad. Vewwy vewwy bad: It … Continue reading

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Google fails the “Don’t be evil” maxim when it comes to climate censorship?

First the background on “Don’t be evil” as reported by Wikipedia: In their 2004 founders’ letter prior to their initial public offering, Lawrence E. Page and Sergey Brin explained that their “Don’t be evil” culture prohibited conflicts of interest, and … Continue reading

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NOAA releases aerial imagery of Tuscaloosa, AL tornado damage

Before and after imagery depicting tornado damage in the vicinity of the intersection of 15th St. E. and McFarland Blvd. E. in southeast Tuscaloosa, AL. The before imagery is courtesy of Google, the after imagery was acquired from an altitude … Continue reading

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Friday funny? Google to take on climate skeptics

I’m not sure whether to laugh or not, but is this just one more reason to use Bing as a search engine without a climate agenda? Maybe we should make it the official search engine of climate skeptics worldwide? Full … Continue reading

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Google Earth announces new “earth engine” at Cancun

It appears to be designed to do photo trend analysis of landsat and other satellite imagery. From the Google Earth Engine page: A planetary-scale platform for environmental data & analysis Google Earth Engine brings together the world’s satellite imagery—trillions of scientific … Continue reading

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