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Which mercury reading in Mercury is the right one?

How can two stations less than 1/2 mile apart be so different? How can one set a new record and best it by two degrees while the other doesn’t? I was intrigued by this Record Event Report out of Las … Continue reading

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Sea level surprise in New Zealand

Ian Wishart writes in Investigate Daily: Century old map throws new doubt on climate change sea level claims A new book on the history of New Zealand has inadvertently stirred the climate change debate by revealing a near zero sea … Continue reading

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For you military history buffs – bad karma das boot

Since I spent so much time working with Google Earth for the surfacestations project, I decided to create a blog for fun, where I can practice my sleuthing skills using that great tool. I find aerial photo recon quite fun.

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“Justice has been done” – UPDATE: Osama Bin Laden compound found on Google Earth

That quote from president Obama tonight. The story here “Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet” – Afghan proverb UPDATE #3: Zeroing in on the compound. Threes a charm. Like anything in the fog of war, early reports can … Continue reading

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