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Los Angeles TV station pans California’s AB32 climate bill

This is a surprise, a major TV station in Los Angeles pushes back against the California Air Resources Board AB32 bill aka California’s Global Warming Solutions Act. I urge readers to drop him a letter of support at the email address … Continue reading

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California’s global warming law gets court go-ahead – except for cap and trade

Time to get outta Dodge:

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Prop23 cap-n-trade gets tangled in environmental review

Oh this is delicious sweet irony…they adopted a plan but didn’t bother to make a complete environmental review like any other project in the state is required to do. That’s what they get for ramrodding the thing. From the: Calif. … Continue reading

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California’s Prop 23 and the “big oil money” campaign – outspent 3 to 1

You and I know it was never about facts, it was about hyping the green dream. Just look at the numbers. First from the opposition: Of course they don’t dare mention the amount of money their side has put into … Continue reading

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