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Journal Deliverance: The True Story of the Climate Hillbillies

Guest post by Les Johnson (With apologies for lifting the Daily Bayonet tag line multiple times below). “Interconnected” is the theme of this post. It starts of course, with the resignation of Wolfgang Wagner, from the journal called Remote Sensing, … Continue reading

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Gore suggests climate skeptics have parallels with racists

  Open question to WUWT readers:  Will one member of the mainstream media — that was so quick to give page-space to Bill McKibben’s ludicrous assertions about Irene — even bring up these comments by Gore?  Will Revkin or Bryan … Continue reading

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New independent surface temperature record in the works

Good news travels fast. I’m a bit surprised to see this get some early coverage, as the project isn’t ready yet. However since it has been announced by press, I can tell you that this project is partly a reaction … Continue reading

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Early reports from the Lisbon conference

Dr. Judith Curry added a couple of comments on her blog while attending the Lisbon Workshop on Reconciliation in the Climate Change Debate. For those wondering why I’m not there even though invited, and to see a rationale for the … Continue reading

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The hope of Lisbon

Dr. Judith Curry writes over at Climate Etc about the upcoming Lisbon conference on “Workshop on Reconciliation in the Climate Change Debate.” I thought it would be good to touch on this. I was originally scheduled to attend, having been … Continue reading

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