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Curry on the Cowtan & Way ‘pausebuster': ‘Is there anything useful [in it]?”

Dr. Judith Curry writes about the Cowtan and Way paper which (according to some pundits) purports to “bust” the temperature pause of the last 17 years by claiming we just didn’t pay enough attention to the Arctic and Antarctic where … Continue reading

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A note about temperatures

Guest commentary by John Coleman (reprinted from KUSI-TV by Mr. Coleman’s request) Was July 2012 the hottest July in United States history? Was the last 12 months period the warmest ever? NOAA,the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration, says “Yes”. The … Continue reading

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Introducing the WUWT Global Temperature Page

By WUWT regular “Just The Facts” Our newest addition is the WUWT Global Temperature Page, which includes graphs, graphics and animations on Global Atmospheric, Surface and Ocean Temperatures, as well as a summary of Northern Hemisphere Temperatures at the end. … Continue reading

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