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Same headline, different year

Last year it was this headline, including a similar image: CO2 emissions reach record in 2012, driven by China This year, from the University of East Anglia, via Eurekalert, a press release with a basically same headline and with obligatory … Continue reading

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Impractical Proposal: Dry Ice Sequestration on Antarctic Ice Sheets

An updated proposal to store CO2 on Antarctica Story submitted by John Tillman Story body: In 1995 two Japanese scientists suggested storing carbon dioxide in Antarctic ice caves.  Now three scientists at Purdue have published a more elaborate and detailed … Continue reading

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On losing the 2°C battle

We’ve already posted on how China is moving right along now as the big kahuna of CO2 emissions, now it seems there’s some despair over the inability to miss the imagined 2°C target set by wishful thinkers. From CSIRO: The … Continue reading

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Record high for global carbon emissions – China is the leader

From the University of East Anglia  home of Climatgate and Phil Jones. Fortunately, we already covered this at WUWT graphically as shown below: This graph and subsequent story shows just how well the Kyoto protocol has succeeded, which is to … Continue reading

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Impact on temperature measurement: Cities expand by area equal to France, Germany and Spain combined in less than 20 years

Dr. Roger Pielke Sr. points out on his weblog this interesting press release from IGBP (from March 2012) that we all apparently missed until now. One of the points worth noting is that there were fewer than 20 cities of … Continue reading

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