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Glacier in Antarctica does what glaciers do

From NASA, who has moved up from “Manhattans” to quarter states as a scale comparison unit: Antarctic Glacier Calves Iceberg One-Fourth Size of Rhode Island This week a European Earth-observing satellite confirmed that a large iceberg broke off of Pine … Continue reading

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‘Gravity is climate’? WTF?!

From the Helmholtz Association of German Research Centres  evidence that maybe, just maybe, climate has become a singularity unto its own, and everything now in the physical world is “climate”. Or…they’ve jumped the shark. The headline of this press release  … Continue reading

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Another satellite re-entry and burnup expected, this one may have been brought down by hackers

This is interesting. The ROSAT X-ray observatory is expected to burn up in about a week and it has quite a checkered and colorful history. According to Wikipedia, ROSAT was originally planned to be launched on the Space shuttle but … Continue reading

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