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‘Paleotempestology’ – the new Mann science

I missed this announcement yesterday, but when I saw the word “paleotempestology” today, I immediately thought of Dr. Michael Mann, mainly because he throws tempests and everybody else studies them as examples of scientific silliness aka Tabloid Climatology™. Sure enough, … Continue reading

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Earth on a bad acid trip?

Don’t laugh, that’s what the Geological Society of America is pushing these days to describe the “ocean acidification problem”…from their press release: Earth on Acid: The Present & Future of Global Acidification GSA Annual Meeting & Exposition, Charlotte, North Carolina, … Continue reading

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Geological Society of America goes wild for meteorological Mann

Gosh, a breakout session on hurricane Sandy with Michael Mann, and they label it “breaking news”. From the Geological Society of America website: BREAKING NEWS: GSA Session to Address Hurricane Sandy GSA Annual Meeting Technical Sessions: Rapid Sea-Level Rise and … Continue reading

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Why Seas Are Rising Ahead of Predictions?

GSA Annual Meeting Presentation: Could Estimates of the Rate of Future Sea-Level Rise Be Too Low? Boulder, Colorado, USA – Sea levels are rising faster than expected from global warming, and University of Colorado geologist Bill Hay has a good … Continue reading

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Rare earths rock green tech and geopolitics

From the Geological Society of America: Critical Minerals Ignite Geopolitical Storm For Immediate Release 10 October 2011 GSA Release No. 11-66 The clean energy economy of the future hinges on a lot of things, chief among them the availability of the … Continue reading

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Evaporation, not outflow, drained ancient Lake Agassiz during the Younger Dryas

From the University of Cincinnati: Long-Lost Lake Offers Clues to Climate Change What caused water levels to drop in an immense yet long-vanished lake? Research by a University of Cincinnati geologist suggests that conditions 12,000 years ago encouraged evaporation. Not long … Continue reading

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