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UK government trying to kill the FOI act

I guess Climategate really put a burr under their saddle. Bishop Hill writes: As it becomes clear that there will be a determined step by bureaucrats to neuter the FOI Act by introducing charges, it is increasingly important that the … Continue reading

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Richard Black, BBC, Hypocrisy, and FOI

Geoffrey Thorpe-Willett writes in with this: Following the Gleick incident Richard Black of the BBC thinks there is a lack of transparency for the organisations involved. I agree, and so I also tried to see how transparent the BBC were. … Continue reading

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IPCC declares itself exempt from FOIA laws

From Bishop Hill, such a short story that it is difficult to excerpt, and given the importance, and the continuation reference to the story I broke on WUWT, I don’t think he’ll mind if I repost in entirety. He writes: … Continue reading

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UEA’s response to EIR/FOIA requests – It depends who you are

Guest post by Richard Brearley This post is written to publicise an interesting anomaly in UEA’s (University of East Anglia) treatment of requests sent to it under the Environmental Information Regulations. Readers should know that my interest is only in … Continue reading

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The new contract sport: Foilball

It seems that doing maneuvers to foil Freedom of Information Act requests has become the new contract sport of both sides of the pond. UEA and Sir Muir Russell have the British team, while Mann and UVA have the American … Continue reading

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Met Office steps in it again

From Autonomous mind, a public relations train wreck: A Freedom of Information request submitted to the Met Office by Autonomous Mind reveals the Met Office did not tell the truth when it said it had scrapped its seasonal forecast. Despite … Continue reading

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