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The Climategate email network infrastructure

Guest Post by David M. Hoffer Since both ClimateGate 1&2 there has been considerable confusion in regard to how the emails were obtained, how the FOIA requests were managed, and what was or wasn’t possible in that context.  There is … Continue reading

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The Steve Zwick Guide to Defending the Indefensible

Guest post by James Padgett There have been several “defenses” to the rather damning emails in the latest release from FOIA. Some, having taken the lead from the CRU itself and cherry-picked their own emails to defend – and then … Continue reading

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♫ You’ve got…that vexatious feeling ♫

It started out simple enough, a standard “righteous” FOIA request to UEA/CRU’s David Palmer, the FOI officer, from a researcher in Britain no less. This is email 0584.txt Dr. Phil Jones take on it didn’t seem to impress FOI agent … Continue reading

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Why all the cloak and dagger stuff if this is all settled science…?

Reader “just the facts” writes in comments: Here is an example of Phil Jones trying to avoid a FOIA request, but he apparently struggles with the implementation…:

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Briffa asks for email deletion becuase FOIA is a “time sink” and an “inconvenient subsequent distraction”

0058.txt date: Thu Oct  9 17:56:17 2008 from: Keith Briffa <k.briffa@uea.xxxx> subject: Re: Tom Giverin – IN STRICT CONFIDENCE to: “Toumi, Ralf” <r.toumi@imperial.xxxx> Ralf [[[redacted: reference]]] Finally, might I ask that you note and then erase this email. I have … Continue reading

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Cracking the remaining FOIA2011 all.7z file

There’s an embedded archive file called all.7z which contains thousands of additional emails and files. The 7zip archiver in which this is stored uses 256 bit AES encryption. It’s a tough nut to crack. “FOIA” chose this most likely because … Continue reading

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Why I want Mike Mann’s Emails

By Dr. David Schnare N.B., Dr. Schnare is the lead attorney in the UVA-Mann email case. This week Nature Magazine published an editorial suggesting that “access to personal correspondence is a freedom too far” and that Michael Mann, whom they … Continue reading

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Michael Mann wades into the UVA thicket as intervenor

By Chris Horner, ATI Michael Mann made his way back to the Commonwealth of Virginia yesterday to watch his U.S. lawyer reprise the dark conspiracy theories previously weaved throughout his Canadian lawsuit against Tim Ball for repeating the old joke … Continue reading

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BREAKING: An IPCC backchannel ‘cloud’ was apparently established to hide IPCC deliberations from FOIA.

UPDATE: (9:20 PST 10-17) the FOI request has been released, a copy of which is now linked below. This story will remain at the top of WUWT for a day or two. New stories will appear below this one. CEI … Continue reading

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Green FAIL – FOIA shows dangerous university biomass power plant fraught with problems, closures, explosion

USC’s biomass plant debacle How the university’s green dream went bust after three ‘potentially lethal accidents’ and a host of other problems By WAYNE WASHINGTON (The State Newspaper) On June 28, 2009, an explosion rocked the biomass-fueled power plant on … Continue reading

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Mann UVA emails released

Via email I’m getting reports that the American Tradition Institute has a CD ROM of the Mann University of Virginia emails in hand and are evaluating them. They are in a 4.3 Megabyte file consisting of 3,827 pages. Given the … Continue reading

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Bizarre: NYT follows AAAS lead on “FOIA requests equate to death threats”

Chris Horner of the American Tradition Institute writes in with this: So the American Association for the Advancement of Science, thoroughly rattled by the American Tradition Institute’s FOIA requests of UVa and NASA — and even more so by the … Continue reading

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NASA’s Hansen asked to account for outside activities

Gavin Schmidt’s time spent on editing realclimate.org during working hours apparently was the trigger for a broader investigation. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Tuesday, June 21, 2011 Contacts: Christopher Horner, chris.horner@atinstitute.org  Paul Chesser, paul.chesser@atinstitute.org ATI Law Center Asks Court to Force NASA … Continue reading

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Emails, schmemails – its only harrassment when they do it,

Without even invoking the angst the media had over climategate emails, where somebody simply got fed up with the constant illegal sidestepping of FOI requests and dumped the whole lot… FOIA said November 17, 2009 at 9:57 pm e We … Continue reading

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Mann’s Hockey Stick, Climategate, and FOI – in a nutshell

On the Climate Audit thread, The Vergano FOI Request the irascible Nick Stokes provokes another commenter “mpaul”, to lay out all the history in a simple summary that even Nick might understand. I thought it was worth repeating here for readers who … Continue reading

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Virginia university releases correspondence of professor involved in ‘Hockey Stick’ controversy

Silence from pressure groups deafening; media joins hypocrisy FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Tuesday, May 31, 2011 Contacts: Christopher Horner, chris.horner@atinstitute.org Paul Chesser, paul.chesser@atinstitute.org American Tradition Institute’s Environmental Law Center has learned that George Mason University, in response to a Freedom of … Continue reading

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Foilball, the American return serve

The Foilball match was started at UVA with the help of a whole bunch of NGO’s, however, as Chris Horner points out in this press release, the hypocrisy is breathtaking when it comes to similar actions against former UVA faculty … Continue reading

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Quote of the Week – Note to NOAA

Steve McIntyre at ClimateAudit has written another essay on the poor way that CRU/UEA and NOAA have dealt with FOIA requests. To say “poor”, that means in some cases “not at all”. He makes this salient point:

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Stronger FOIA law now under review in Virginia

ATI Praises VA House Passage of Strengthened FOIA Law FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Thursday, February 9, 2011 The American Tradition Institute today praised yesterday’s passage of a stronger Freedom of Information Act law in the Commonwealth of Virginia’s House of Delegates, … Continue reading

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Hansen gets FOIA’d on ethics issues with NASA

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Thursday, January 19, 2011 Contact: Christopher Horner, chris.horner@atinstitute.org ATI Environmental Law Center Seeks NASA Records on Dr. James Hansen Today the American Tradition Institute’s Environmental Law Center filed a federal Freedom of Information Act request with NASA, … Continue reading

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Yes, Virginia, you do have to produce those ‘Global Warming’ documents

Published on Washington Examiner (http://washingtonexaminer.com) By: Christopher C. Horner, David W. Schnare and Robert Marshall Reprinted with permission from the authors.  Yes, Virginia, you do have to produce those ‘Global Warming’ documents Today, Virginia taxpayers, a state lawmaker and a … Continue reading

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A bill for climate data integrity: The Public Access to Historical Records Act

This just in from U.S. Senator David Vitter’s office here’s now the official press release: For Immediate Release Contact: Joel DiGrado (Vitter) (202) 224-4623 December 8, 2010 Emily Lawrimore (Barrasso)  (202) 224-6441 Vitter, Barrasso Introduce Bill to Ensure Open, Accurate NASA Climate … Continue reading

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