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Recent solar flare seen bombarding Earth with gamma rays

From the “Oh noes it’s Radiation” department, Dr. Leif Svalgaard points out we all got a gamma ray bath on that recent big solar flare. I wonder how many Banana Equivalent Doses we all got? About these ads

About these ads
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Thunderstorms proven to create antimatter

Thunderstorms have been shown to create positrons and send them to space. As the late, great, Johnny Carson of the Tonight Show used to say, “That is some weird, wild, stuff“. NASA’s Fermi Catches Thunderstorms Hurling Antimatter into Space Scientists … Continue reading

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Most energetic particles ever from a celestial object

Our last story was about crabs, so is this one. I’m sure we’ll figure out a way to work in lobsters soon too. From the Stanford Linear ACcellerator Lab (SLAC): Fermi’s Large Area Telescope Sees Surprising Flares in Crab Nebula … Continue reading

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