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A call to action – give #ClimateThanks

Another Internet campaign that could go horribly wrong… Tom Nelson advises me that the Yale Project on Climate Change Communications decided to prod readers into giving “Climate Thanks” this Thanksgiving on Twitter. A silly idea for sure, but certainly better … Continue reading

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Willis on why Piers Corbyn claims such a high success rate

(elevated from a comment on the Putting Piers Corbyn to the test thread ) Willis Eschenbach says: Submitted on 2012/07/15 at 9:26 am Martin Gordon says: July 15, 2012 at 5:31 am I note that Piers is declaring this period … Continue reading

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Coldest July in history for Anchorage?

From the Alaska Dispatch and the weather is not climate unless it’s 100 degrees outside department comes this report: Could this be the coldest July in history for Anchorage? According to the National Weather Service, Anchorage, Alaska is experiencing record … Continue reading

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On the plus side, there’s no reason for William M. Connolley to comment here anymore

Tom Nelson spots this droll duo: Misc : Stoat The Policy Lass is sick of arguing with stupid people. Anyone who has been to WUWT and the comment threads there will empathise. It is all a hopeless morass of nonsense; … Continue reading

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Asking a personal favor for my community – all I need is a click

Personal note: I need a little help for my community. Since the State of California is morally and fiscally bankrupt, they have pulled the plug on the treasure of our town, the Bidwell Mansion, a true relic of the California … Continue reading

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New contest for writing a skeptical essay

From the Spectator: Announcing the Matt Ridley Prize for Environmental Heresy by Fraser Nelson Matt Ridley has long deplored the wind farm delusion, and was appalled when a family trust was paid by a wind farm company in compensation for … Continue reading

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We now return you to our regularly scheduled programming

Thanks to all who supported the SOPA/PIPA blackout which was the main page of WUWT for 24 hours. The thread is here, should you wish to comment further. It appears to have been a success, as many dropped support. A … Continue reading

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Whose Reality is it Anyway?

by charles the moderator [updated to correct usage of the words rank and reach. The correct graphs were used originally, but I used the wrong word to describe them] Al Gore’s Climate Reality Project claims 8.6 million views of their … Continue reading

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Just in time for the Gore-a-thon, Facebook shuts down a significant portion of email story alerts

Perhaps Facebook was concerned that Al Gore was convincing thousands of unsuspecting dupes to hand over their Facebook account control, which would mean “post at will” on thousands of user accounts, resulting in millions of SPAM messages being send out … Continue reading

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New commenting features on WUWT

NOTE TO READERS: I have no control over this, wordpress.com implemented it across the board. My advice until they fix it is to make sure you are running a modern updated browser, Such as Firefox. – Anthony from the wordpress.com … Continue reading

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Facebook Treating Skeptic Blog Articles as “Abusive”

It came to our attention yesterday when we were sharing WUWT articles, that Facebook now treats WUWT articles as “abusive”. Apparently this is a new tactic of the warmists to abuse the FB abuse process in order to suppress free … Continue reading

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