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Nature editorial dashes alarmist hopes of linking extreme weather events to global warming

Somewhere, Dr. Roger Pielke Jr. is polishing his red button and Bill McKibben, Joe Romm, and “forecast the facts” Brad Johnson are clawing their eyes out trying to unsee this. It is damning of their hyped up claims.- Anthony From … Continue reading

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FOI email: science is only influenced by ‘big oil’ if they do it

Here’s a stunning juxtaposition of two emails (released under FOI request and supplied by Christopher Horner to me) from the University of Arizona’s climate scientist Dr. Jonathan Overpeck regarding ‘big oil’ and influence in the climate debate. First let’s look … Continue reading

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Ambler’s rebuttal to Mann in the Wall Street Journal

Guest post by Harold Ambler The reasons that climatologist Michael Mann is as successful as he is are multiple: 1. He told the United Nations something that it was dying to hear (he offered certainty when all else saw uncertainty) 2. … Continue reading

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Climate Science From the Onion?

Guest post by Dr. Patrick Michaels Three items appeared last week that make me wonder if The Onion is surreptitiously acquiring science journals and trade publications. Here’s what one, “ScienceNordic” says it does on its home page: Our team of … Continue reading

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My ship has just come in

The work I do here important, and I’ve always hoped that someday, if I worked hard enough, and produced enough clever articles and research, that I’d finally get invited into the exclusive club of climate cash that supposedly the rest … Continue reading

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Chris Mooney doesn’t understand the Internet, and neither do some researchers

I had to laugh. Over at Discover Magazine Intersection Blog, Chris Mooney is defending the paper I critiqued a couple of days ago as if it contains some actual solid science. He’s griping that I didn’t read the full paper … Continue reading

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Researchers set up fake global warming websites to study response

Ah yes, the tired old you are irrelevant because are funded by big (coal, gas, oil, wood, propane, butane, electric, peat, Exxon-Mobil take your pick) gets turned into a peer reviewed paper. What will they think of next? Ironically, this … Continue reading

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Center for American Progress and Romm to mock Heartland conference with a phone call

I laughed out loud when I read the press release. Romm just can’t stand the fact that we are in Washington, which he considers his turf, so he had to do something, anything. Heh. Gosh a conference call where he’ll … Continue reading

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Smear job by “The Carbon Brief”

The website “populartechnology.net” decided to ask the questions the smear publishers didn’t. I’ve been authorized to reproduce this in full here, and reposting at other blogs is encouraged. AGW proponents seem hell bent on trying to repeat this “linked to” … Continue reading

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