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An about face by China on solar power

From John Droz’s newsletter with a hat-tip to Dr. Roger Pielke Sr. for bringing it to my attention and via the “I can hear Joe Romm’s head exploding” department and Electric Light and Power comes this story: CHINA TO DROP … Continue reading

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Study: it takes 10 units of alternative electricity sources to offset 1 unit of fossil fuel-generated power

From the University of Oregon a clue as to why green energy isn’t making much inroads. For example, compare these findings to what we learned recently from Matt Ridley about the big fat zero of wind power in the bigger … Continue reading

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Rutgers on Coal vs. Nuclear

From Rutgers University press room: The Energy Debate: Coal vs. Nuclear Rutgers researcher finds factors other than global warming and potential for plant accidents figure into Americans’ preferences As America struggles down the road toward a coherent energy policy that … Continue reading

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Was this part of the inspiration for Obama’s SOTU goal: “by 2035, 80% of America’s electricity will come from clean energy sources”?

During last night’s State of the Union Address, president Obama essentially abandoned AGW proponents, and shifted the focus to energy, including uttering the greens most dreaded term: “clean coal”. He also set a bold goal that raised some eyebrows: I … Continue reading

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