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Kenji gets mail, but where’s the science?

As many WUWT readers know, my dog, Kenji Watts, is an actual member of the Union of Concerned Scientists. He’s got papers to prove it. This of course is proof that all you need is a valid credit card to … Continue reading

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Bad battery “karma” – Taxpayers’ Green ‘Investment’ in Battery Company Withers

By Paul Chesser, National Legal & Policy Center A123 Systems – the taxpayer-funded electric vehicle battery manufacturer that famously shipped duds to Fisker Automotive, which caused one of its luxurious Karma EVs to shut down just before a Consumer Reports … Continue reading

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Shocker: dirty electric cars

From the University of Tennessee at Knoxville  comes this surprising bit of research. Taken in entirety, and electric vehicle has a greater impact on pollution than a comparable gasoline vehicle. Full disclosure – I own an electric car myself. I’m … Continue reading

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Another electric car company bites the dust

From Slashdot: After years of beautiful concept cars, envy-inspiring demos, and missed production targets starting in 2008, high-efficiency car startup Aptera is liquidating its assets. A pointed excerpt from Wired’s account:

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Chairman zero emission

I don’t usually go for political articles, but this one deserves mention for the wholesale idiocy about energy on display. Don Monfort writes: Submitted on 2011/10/01 at 10:24 am Sorry to stray off topic, but I was flabbergasted by something … Continue reading

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Electric Cars – it’s all about the battery

I own an electric car (on my second one now) that I use for around town. It’s fine for short jaunts, which is the majority of driving. However the limiting factor is of course the battery and the range associated … Continue reading

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