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John L. Daly’s message to Mike Mann and The Team

Ric Werme writes in comments: When I realized the Climategate 2009 Emails went back many years, one of the first things that occurred to me was there might be Emails from John Daly. He died before I became involved in … Continue reading

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Roman Period “megadrought” found in the USA southwest

From the University of Arizona, one wonders how such a thing could happen when CO2 was at “safe” levels. They are using bristlecone pines again, which may very well be a better proxy for rainfall than for temperature. At least … Continue reading

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Sheep study confirms a premise of McIntyre & McKittrick 05

Yesterday, I published a press release titled Tree ring widths more affected by sheep than temperature in which researchers in Norway published a peer reviewed study stating: “We found tree ring widths were more affected by sheep than the ambient temperature at … Continue reading

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Tree ring widths more affected by sheep than temperature

From Wiley-Blackwell, via Eurekalert, something just plain surprising. Nibbling by herbivores can have a greater impact on the width of tree rings than climate, new research has found. The study, published this week in the British Ecological Society’s journal Functional … Continue reading

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UEA’s response to EIR/FOIA requests – It depends who you are

Guest post by Richard Brearley This post is written to publicise an interesting anomaly in UEA’s (University of East Anglia) treatment of requests sent to it under the Environmental Information Regulations. Readers should know that my interest is only in … Continue reading

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Trees show no rainfall pattern in last century

I’ve always said that trees are a better proxy for rainfall than temperature. Just looking at how trees cluster around water sources can tell you this. From the Hockeyschtick: New paper shows no increase in precipitation over past 105 years, … Continue reading

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Tree rings as a proxy for historical ENSO reconstruction

From the University of Hawai’i’s International Pacific Research Center at Mānoa, comes this proxy reconstruction that does some similar things the infamous hockey stick reconstruction, but doesn’t need to pull any statistical “tricks” to make the case. Our old friend … Continue reading

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Climate Bloodhounds

Steve McIntyre is blogging again. This time it is about a little noticed Climategate email where Dr. Raymond Bradley disses skeptics as being too unsophisticated to be able to figure out what was withheld. I agree with Steve, when he … Continue reading

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