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Watch yesterday’s blockbuster performance by Dr. Roger Pielke Jr. and Dr. Roy Spencer at Senate climate hearing

Quite a performance yesterday. Steve Milloy is calling it the “Zapruder film” implying it was the day the AGW agenda got shot down. While that might not be a good choice of words, you have to admit they did a … Continue reading

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Senator Whitehouse apologizes for inciteful tornado remarks

Recall this story from yesterday: US Senator Sheldon Whitehouse From Rhode Island Provides Erroneous Information To American Public in Global Warming Rant Foxnews reports on the apology. Note that about the same time, Barbara Boxer was making similar claims.  Later, … Continue reading

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Thank you Senator Kerry, for saying what we already know

This just in from The Daily Climate, Kerry tells us we are winning, but the blames the usual suspects rather than the message itself. I love the part about where we “made up our own science“, which is sort of … Continue reading

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Rep Edward Markey sticks his nose into private business

Bishop Hill writes (and I’ve reposted in entirety with apologies in advance): Politicians notice Fakegate Rep Edward Markey of Massachusetts has written to Heartland asking for them to document the inaccuracies in the Fakegate documents and asking for originals. In a … Continue reading

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Congress suspends light bulb ban funding

UPDATE 2: 12/16/11 9AMPST It appears early reports were wrong, junkscience.com now reports that The deal agreed to in Congress merely deprives the Department oF Energy the funds to enforce the ban for 2012. The ban is still on the … Continue reading

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Democrats and Republicans increasingly divided over global warming

Gosh, we never would have figured this out on our own. The conclusion is stunning: SUMMARY AND CONCLUSION In response to our first research question, we find a sizable political divide between liberals/Democrats and conservatives/Republicans in the American public on … Continue reading

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