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FOI reveals nasty hateful emails sent to Phil Jones right after Climategate

Bishop Hill is reporting that some ugly emails have been published due to FOI requests. He writes: In the wake of the death threats that weren’t at ANU, several people sent FOI requests to the University of East Anglia asking … Continue reading

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New branch of science coined on WUWT

While we wait for Nick Stokes and David Appell to work up excuses for their embracing the “climate scientists get death threats” fiasco, I thought I’d share this spinoff of this short passage I wrote yesterday: Likewise, blogger/scientist Nick Stokes, … Continue reading

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Paging David Appell and Nick Stokes again: time to fess up and apologize

“Death threats” story now proven false by ANU Chancellor Ian Chubb The bizarre now laughable “climate scientists get death threats” at Australian National University has finally imploded completely with the former chancellor Ian Chubb going on record in the Australian … Continue reading

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‘Death threats’ against climate scientists story deader still – the source of one of the ‘threats’ speaks out

UPDATE: Is is now totally unraveled. The person related to the culling license speaks out, see below. I feel there will be more crow pie coming on the menu for David Appell and Nick Stokes. Simon from Australian Climate Madness … Continue reading

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Paging David Appell – ‘death threats against climate scientists’ story even deader than yesterday

UPDATE: More crow pie is served here Paging David Appell and Nick Stokes – your crow pie is ready now. As a follow up to yesterday’s breaking news that there were never any death threats at all, as determined by … Continue reading

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BREAKING: “Death threats” against Australian climate scientists turn out to be nothing but hype and hot air

UPDATE:Jo Nova has a complete and detailed summary of this farce: Pathological exaggerators caught on “death threats”: How 11 rude emails became a media blitz UPDATE2: 5/3/12 Simon Turnill reports that there’s a new story in the Australian saying that … Continue reading

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David Appell denies he has any class

Normally, I ignore David Appell who runs a blog called Quark Soup where he spends a good portion of his time hyperbloviating about things that make him upset. A lot of the time, that’s me and the readers of WUWT. … Continue reading

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