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Let there be corn! Reality check on the 2012 drought and corn yields in relation to droughts of the past

There’s a lot of hype out there regarding the drought and its potential effects on crops. Predictions range from increased food prices to dustbowlification”, a term coined by “Joe Romm. A complicit media follows. Tom Nelson points out some interesting … Continue reading

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Stanford claims farmers “dodged impacts of global warming” in the USA, but you have to find it first.

But it looks to me as if corn doesn’t care. Check out U.S. corn yield. Corn seems to be doing well. I used corn yield because in the Stanford Press Release, they refer to corn yields. Some of the gains … Continue reading

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Carnage Cornage in Africa from Global Warming

Via Eurekalert. This doesn’t jibe with what I know about corn crops in America, but maybe they aren’t taking advantage of the enhanced seeds like what is produced by DeKalb and other USA seed companies. 40C and higher I might … Continue reading

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