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Neukom’s Science By Proxy

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach Over at Climate Audit, Steve McIntyre is engaged in the slow public defenestration of the latest multi-proxy extravapalooza, a gem of a paper yclept “Inter-hemispheric temperature variability over the past millennium” by Neukom et al, … Continue reading

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Some corals do well in warmer waters – researchers ask how

From the National Oceanography Centre, Southampton (UK) How do corals survive in the hottest reefs on the planet? Coral reefs are predicted to decline under the pressure of global warming. However, a number of coral species can survive at seawater … Continue reading

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Corals can’t handle the heat cold

New Study Shows that Florida’s Reefs Cannot Endure a ‘Cold Snap’ Scientists detail unprecedented loss of coral reef species during 2010 cold weather event Miami — August 26, 2011 — Remember frozen iguanas falling from trees during Florida’s 2010 record-breaking … Continue reading

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