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Chemtrails or Contrails? Another Alarmist Issue Without Scientific Context

NOTE: like with the essay Saturday about isotasy/glacial rebound being a myth, I don’t think the chemtrails idea has any merit whatsoever. Dr. Tim Ball points out more bad science – chemtrails, which are really just contrails, and which has … Continue reading

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Contrails – itty bitty icy forcing

From the American Geophysical Union weekly highlights: Estimating climate effects of contrails Condensation trails, or so-called contrails, formed by freezing of ice crystals in the exhaust from aircraft jet engines could affect climate. Like natural cirrus clouds, contrails change atmospheric … Continue reading

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Contrails and Climate – follow up

Dr. Roger Pielke Senior writes: Ben Herman of the University of Arizona has responded to the post… News Article “Aircraft Condensation Trails Criss-Crossing The Sky May Be Warming The Planet On A Normal Day More Than The Carbon Dioxide Emitted … Continue reading

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The planes! The planes!

From Dr. Roger Pielke Senior: (with apologies to Tattoo) There is a news article on March 29 2011 from Rueters titled Aircraft condensation trails criss-crossing the sky may be warming the planet on a normal day more than the carbon dioxide … Continue reading

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Bubbleheaded Barking Mad Met Office Modelers

From the organization that can’t forecast its way out of a paper bag, and then can’t bring itself to tell the public about long range forecasts anymore, it has come to this. OK, I’m not against citizen science, but when … Continue reading

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