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Now what is ‘death train’ Hansen going to do? Clean coal process developed to extract energy without burning or CO2

From James Hansen’s, Bill McKibben’s and Joe Romm’s worst nightmare department, comes this uplifting science story from the Ohio State University. Basically they found a way to oxidize coal and extract energy without releasing any CO2. When a team of … Continue reading

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If Obama is going to kill coal, he has to hide the body

Guest post by Alec Rawls The graphics were changed in the last two days, but Conn Carroll at the Washington Examiner took a screenshot of Obama’s “All of the Above” energy policy page on Tuesday. “Notice anything missing?” he asks: … Continue reading

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Al Gore games the climate

After Gore’s 24 hours of climate reality back in September, I thought that he’d pretty much hit rock bottom with faking the science in it. Even Nature thought it was dumb. I thought we couldn’t possibly see anything stupider than … Continue reading

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CO2 is Plant Food (Clean Coal, Say WATT?)

Guest Post by Ira Glickstein. When Lord Monckton told Congress “CO2 is plant food”, the Global Warming activists went crazy because … well, because they know he spoke an inconvenient truth. Monckton’s statement was ridiculed in many blog posts and … Continue reading

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