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10 Billion Butterfly Sneezes

More chaos than you can shake a stick at. Guest post by Andi Cockroft (Anyone familiar with the Moody Blues should recognise the title – from “Higher and Higher”) As some will have learned by now, I do not possess … Continue reading

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No new strange attractors: strong evidence against both positive feedback and catastrophe

This is a comment by Dr. Robert Brown on the What we don’t know about Earth’s energy flow post. I thought it was so insightful on the topic of climate stability being “pushed” by CO2 forcing that I’ve elevated it to … Continue reading

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The Chaos theoretic argument that undermines Climate Change modelling

Just to be clear ahead of time, chaos in weather is NOT the same as climate disruption listed below – Anthony Guest submission by Dr. Andy Edmonds This is not intended to be a scientific paper, but a discussion of … Continue reading

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Is the ENSO a nonlinear oscillator of the Belousov-Zhabotinsky reaction type?

Alternative title: “Standing on the shoulders of Giant Bob” Guest post by Phil Salmon Introduction One of the themes to emerge from the climate debate here on WUWT, concerns “chaos” and nonlinear system dynamics and pattern. Anyone acquainted at all … Continue reading

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