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The WUWT Hot Sheet for Thursday August 1st, 2013

Joe Romm’s Center for American Progress, Sierra Club, others received money from foreign dark money Sea Change Foundation A major left-wing foundation has received tens of millions of dollars from a shadowy Bermudan company with ties to wealthy American hedge … Continue reading

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July hottest ever, but U.S. tornado count – lowest since 1951: ‘poisoned weather’ meme falsified by Nature

“Connect the Dots” for this one. Mother Nature has just proven how idiotic some one the arguments trying to link global warming and severe weather are: in this case, the “global warming makes more tornadoes” argument has just gone down … Continue reading

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Tisdale: NOAA Issues El Niño Watch for Second Half of 2012, Joe Romm Issues “Rapid Warming” Alert for 2013

The WUWT ENSO meter – at zero, or neutral at the moment: Guest post by Bob Tisdale NOAA issued an El Niño watch yesterday morning. The watch seems a bit premature. A “watch” in NOAA parlance means “conditions are favorable,” but … Continue reading

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Climate Progress disappears their own climate ugliness

UPDATE: They apparently had second thoughts. see below. When the Heartland billboard fiasco came about last week, I pointed to this as a previous example of how both sides have made missteps. Heartland blundered with the unabomber billboard, was summarily … Continue reading

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Facts about the “Forecast the Facts” campaign – they’re just another paid mouthpiece of the Center for American Progress

I’ve talked about the slimy “Forecast the Facts” campaign before, where they are attempting to label your local TV weatherperson/meteorologist as a “denier” and pressure TV station management into making that person “toe the line” by having a bunch of … Continue reading

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Friday Funny – carbonated drink stands in for Joe Romm in debate

We all know how the warmists like to avoid debating at all costs. In this case, the easily agitated to effervescence – blow your top Romm was aptly represented at a “Drinks and Debate” in Washington, DC by the perfect … Continue reading

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Enron Romm

Most WUWT readers know Joltin Joe Romm by his trademark over the top rhetoric and his outright hatred of skeptics on parade every day at his Center for American Progress blog. Most of us have learned to ignore it, because … Continue reading

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CAP and blunder – but Joe Romm is still invited to ICCC6

From the Heartland Institute, they call out the Center for American Progress for posting falsehoods, but invite them to the conference anyway. Class act. Liberal Think Tank’s ‘Prebuttal’ Gets Facts Wrong About The Heartland Institute, Climate Conference Today at 2 … Continue reading

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Center for American Progress and Romm to mock Heartland conference with a phone call

I laughed out loud when I read the press release. Romm just can’t stand the fact that we are in Washington, which he considers his turf, so he had to do something, anything. Heh. Gosh a conference call where he’ll … Continue reading

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