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New study: Ocean-driven warming along the western Antarctic Peninsula needs to be considered as part of a natural centennial timescale cycle of climate variability

From Cardiff University: Tiny fossils hold answers to big questions on climate change Research explores 12,000 year fossil record The western Antarctic Peninsula is one of the fastest warming regions on the planet, and the fastest warming part of the … Continue reading

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Claim: Meteorite discovered with signs of life in it

This looks to be a huge story, the first evidence of extraterrestrial life, if it holds up. I would remind readers that “extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence“. This needs to be confirmed by others in the science community before it … Continue reading

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New study shows Greenland ice varied greatly in the past

“… abrupt climate change has been a systemic feature of Earth’s climate for hundreds of thousands of years…” From Cardiff University 800,000 years of abrupt climate variability An international team of scientists, led by Dr Stephen Barker of Cardiff University, … Continue reading

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