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Oh Noes! The clock of doom is stuck again, global warming blamed

One has to wonder about the relevancy of this non-working prop clock in this day and age. Maybe they should update it to an iPad play list that is about to end for it to be more relevant to the … Continue reading

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Apocalypse Not: I love the smell of skepticism in the morning

Matt Ridley has just had a tremendous essay published in WIRED magazine, one that everyone should take a few minutes to read, because it sums up the issues of all the end time fears, fallacies, and failures we have collectively … Continue reading

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Climate science and nuclear weapons research: Another conflation of weather and climate

From The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists via SAGE Publications  comes this press release claiming that because nuclear fallout was tracked by meteorological instrumentation and synoptic scale models, it somehow relates to climate science. I think it’s a stretch. About … Continue reading

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Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists issues 2011 FUD report

Via SAGE Publications The nuclear, biological and climate threat – 2011 reviewed In this special issue of the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, published by SAGE, experts reflect on 2011 and highlight what to look out for in 2012 in … Continue reading

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