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So Dinosaurs Could Fly ! – Part I

A look at diminishing atmospheric pressure Guest post by Andi Cockroft In an unrelated article of mine on Isostacy and Mean Sea Level posted here, I mentioned in passing a thesis paper by Theresa Cole (here) and here: ColeTheresaN2011MSc – … Continue reading

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Unified Climate Theory May Confuse Cause and Effect

Guest Post by Ira Glickstein The Unified Theory of Climate post is exciting and could shake the world of Climate Science to its roots. I would love it if the conventional understanding of the Atmospheric “Greenhouse” Effect (GHE) presented by … Continue reading

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Where is Science?

Guest post by Erl Happ The Southern Oscillation Index is a reference point for the strength of the Trade winds. It represents the difference in atmospheric pressure between Tahiti and Darwin. In figure 1 the SOI is the red line … Continue reading

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